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All Things in Moderation

Nic White asked on an earlier thread where moderate Christian voices were in the face of attacks on pluralism in the name of theocracy. The answer is — at The Boston Review: African-American Christianity has continuously confronted the nation with […]

Puzzling New Evidence

On my earlier post on Terri Schiavo, I responded to claims made about the beliefs of Michael Schiavo’s lawyers. It turns out that Schindler family spokesperson Randall Terry also has some interesting beliefs: Terry’s words and personal life have also […]

We Shall Overcome

While I’ve been sick this week, I’ve taken the chance to do some recreational reading, although it also builds on some ideas I’m developing in my thesis. I’ve been rereading Robert A. Caro’s Master of the Senate: The Years of […]

Farewell, Civility, I loved thee well once….

Or why debates at Troppo Armadillo are rarely worth participating in these days….. Elsewhere: Jason Soon has a nuanced and judicious post on anarchism over at Catallaxy.

Dooh Wop, Dooh Wah…

I had such a nice time at Rics tonight at the Tuesday night Jazz session I thought I’d repost this piece from Troppo: Feeling generally overtired, a bit ill, and reeling from all sorts of things that are stressing me, […]

Cherishing Small Moments

One of the nice things about having your own blog is that you get to see who links to you. I’ve just been to Knotted Paths. Haven’t had a time for a good look, but Russell has great music taste […]

Alternate Uses for Crayons

Stuck for something to blog about? Georg over at Stack has discovered blogideas. As she observes, most of the post topic suggestions are lame. But we both seem to like “alternate uses for crayons”. So here’s the first LP Contest. […]

The Golden Thread…

One of the most telling criticisms of Blair’s New Labour government (and of other Third Way-esque politicians and parties) is its more than latent authoritarianism. Rarely is this discussed within its structural context (though there’s plenty of discussion of liberalism […]