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Frank on Class

Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter with Kansas? has published a very interesting article in The New York Review of Books looking at another aspect of the class wars – although class is the great unmentionable in terms of […]

Email Problems

Folks, my apologies if you’ve sent mail to my gmail address and I haven’t responded. I’ve just checked it and realised that I’d entered my old bigpond address in the forwarding settings so the email hasn’t been getting to me. […]

Joh Blogging, Culturally Of Course

Andrew Bartlett has written an excellent post on the cultural climate of the Joh era in Brisbane and its continuing legacy. It’s very interesting to observe that a climate of harsh repression and boredom stimulated so much culture and creativity […]

Flying Daleks?

The new series of Dr Who starts on the ABC on Saturday the 21st of May at 7.30pm. Looks good – but what’s with Daleks that can fly?

Opinions solicited

When I changed over to broadband, my email address changed and thus my feline gravatar disappeared. What should I use as a new gravatar? Incidentally, I was reading a book about the UK Lib Dems last night and noted that […]

All The News That's Fit to Blog

Via Corporate Engagement, this RN programme should be interesting: Tune in to Radio National’s Media Report in Australia tomorrow (28/04/05) at 8.30am or 8pm for this: All the News that’s fit to Blog 28 April 2005 Blogging is having a […]

"Formal Cooperation in Evil"

The quote of course is from Cardinal Ratzinger. The stakes for the Bali 9 have just been raised – Indonesian police intend to press for the death penalty in all cases. This really raises legitimate questions about the continued co-operation […]

Labor Day

Unlike some states, in Queensland Labor Day is commemorated by a public holiday close to the 1st of May. I’ll be marching on Monday with the local branch of the NTEU. Come and say hello if you’re an LP reader […]