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History Wars Continued and Continued

Gerard Henderson never gives up. The perpetual History Wars roll on, with this week’s entry being a spray about the alleged support of the Left for communism in Vietnam and Cambodia, accompanied by the usual conspicuous indignation tactic of demanding […]

Whatever happened to Hitchens?

In case you’ve been wondering, here’s the headsup [via Tim D.] I used to really enjoy Hitchens’ acerbic and witty writing – but he’s descended into a sad self-parody. And lest I be accused of disliking him now that he’s […]

Lesbian Chic, LA Style

After recent discussion here at LP about sexuality and stereotyping in tv, I’m interested to see Rob Corr has a good post on an spray about The L Word. Incidentally, can anyone think of an Australian tv series with a […]

More Junk Corporate Science

Looks like the “research” claiming that texting and emailing reduced iq was commissioned by and spun for HP in an attempt to sell stuff. [Phew, I’m relieved – back to my emails now]. Anyone surprised?

What's The Matter with Government?

Last year, in the wake of the US election, the blogosphere spent much energy debating Thomas Frank’s thesis that working class Republicans voted against their economic interests: Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter with Kansas?, noted in the April […]

Just Say No, Kids

More on the failure of abstinence based sex education in the States – the Village Voice reports: a study published in the journal Pediatrics found that 20 percent of ninth-graders surveyed had engaged in oral sex and 14 percent had […]

"I Want to Simplify My Life"

Paris is burning.

Anglo-Celtic Dreaming?

There’s been some discussion of my reference to Anglo-Celts on my previous post about sectarianism and history where I wrote: One of the great right-wing myths is that Australia was some sort of Anglo-Celtic homogenous country prior to Calwell’s post-war […]

Banana Republicanism?

Brian Costar makes an excellent point about the blogosphere’s new hot topic, Joh, in The Age today: Under Bjelke-Petersen Queensland seemed like a separate nation. The “Queensland is different” mantra became the accepted wisdom.Yet Bjelke-Petersen was more than just the […]