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The Compleat Imbiber

A few comments threads, as Rob Corr noted in his subsequent post on the beer map, segued into discussion of beer over the weekend – perhaps not surprisingly for a long weekend! This reminded me that years ago in the […]

Lesbian Chic, Orange County Style

Fans of The O.C. (that’s just about everyone, isn’t it?) will know that Marissa has just shared a girl2girl kiss on Valentine’s day with her new friend, Ms Blonde Modelesque Lesbian. In the wake of LA Law, Neighbours, Party of […]

Dispatches from Johburg

Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen has died, provoking two very passionate but quite opposed posts from Andrew Bartlett and The Currency Lad. I don’t feel inclined to write about his life or his politics at this time, but LP readers might be […]

Continuing something of a theme, and also the Online Opinion theme of the value of blogs and internet sociality and interaction, I’m posting to draw attention to an article in the Village Voice about academic blogging, and in particular these […]

Inner City Livin'

Interesting article in the SMH today about the differences between inner city and suburban living. Sydney and Melbourne definitely have the urban thing going – with a range of inner city and beachside suburbs full of life and each with […]

L8er Sk8er

Ok, this is interesting – I’ve finally worked out why I get periodic writers’ block – I am a text addict! The regular use of text messages and emails can lower the IQ more than twice as much as smoking […]