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La Vie Parisienne

Exciting trash news from the world of vapid celebrity – Paris Hilton is engaged to a rich dude called… Paris. In reporting this dispatch, The Sydney Morning Herald sums up Ms Hilton’s achievements in life (which pale into insignificance compared […]

More on The Politics of Po/Mo

Continuing the theme and the related one of the politics of cultural studies, I love this quote from Edward Said: To read most cultural deconstructionists, or Marxists, or new historicists is to read writers whose political horizon, whose historical location […]

Unfashionable Elitism

When I was walking down Merthyr Road to get some lunch yesterday, I noticed that the Retro Bar here in leafy inner-city New Farm has a “Free Schapelle – Boycott Bali” poster in its window. I was frankly a bit […]

Not a Problem in Australia

With Blair’s latest morals crusade being against teenage pregnancy, a sexual health expert has blamed reality tv: It is not often the august agencies of Her Majesty’s government have to bother themselves with the heavy-petting antics of ITV’s Celebrity Love […]

Culture of Life? II

The latest from the culture wars: The diagnosis was certain. Her fetus did not have a functioning brain. Even on the slim chance it would be born with a beating heart, the baby would die within days, or hours. It […]

Music Meme

Thanks to Conversant Studios for passing the musical baton to me. Total volume of music files on my computer 324mb because I recently bought a new computer and got broadband and have only just started storing music on my computer […]

With Friends Like These…

Miranda Devine weighs into the Corby case: The family dynamics bolstered an impression of Corby which has emerged throughout her seven-month ordeal, that she is the dutiful third daughter of a poor, loyal but relatively dysfunctional family; adored by her […]

"Truth is a Signs System"

… According to Lefty Tim. There’s a sense in which he’s right, although he probably doesn’t know it. There’s no doubt that a postmodern epistemology has some defensible aspects, but as I’ve argued before, it’s not new and it can […]