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Guest Post by

With Mark’s blessing, I thought I’d check the view from on top too. Two weeks out from the provision of the Palmer Inquiry to Minister Vanstone — which is set to uncover, amongst other things, that Cornelia Rau didn’t receive […]

Gay for a day

Well its official, Bill C-38 has passed and all Canadians will have the opportunity to marry someone of the same sex. Yep, from now on (as the marriage monopolists like to say) it won’t only be Adam and Eve, but […]

Paid in Bourbon

…isn’t every apprentice’s dream: Seventeen-year-old Mark McGrath didn’t know what he was signing – only that if he didn’t sign it he would lose his apprenticeship. Next thing he knew his host employer refused him days off and paid his […]

She walks in beauty, like the night

‘With the first lighting of a cottage candle a man becomes an entirely new being, and moves in a totally different world to that of daytime. He is now born into a world whose god is a rushlight, and a […]

Good Science, Bad Science

Third in a series of an unknown number of essays on the politicization of science. If new, please read An Intercourse on Orgasm and Postmodern Critical Thinking for background. Rene Blondlot’s life ended in 1930 amidst shame and despair. In […]

Teen Sex Uncut

I’ve just been watching Big Brother Uncut. We had a very vigorous debate here last week about the ethics of BB this year, and the sexual ethics of BB. Some commenters rightly argued that Hotdogs’ actions in particular constituted sexual […]

Posts I Should Write, But Never Will

Apologies to my fellow LP guestbloggers for my absence, I had intended to post during my brief sojourn to Sydney but I was waylaid by various things; work, family, friends. I was glad to go back to the place I […]

This Looks Like A Job For Jamie Oliver, USN

From the Sydney Morning Herald, a story which morbidly recalls Jamie Oliver’s recent ‘School Dinners’ series: Several hundred recipes prepared for the inmates at the camp [Guantanamo Bay] are to be published next month in The Gitmo Cookbook, including such […]