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Jordan Statement by Islamic Leaders

There’s been little or no reporting in the Western press of a statement made by 170 Islamic leaders, meeting under the auspices of the King of Jordan in Amman on the 6th of July. The statement’s significance is two-fold – […]

Chavez Ravine

Something different for an LP Saturday evening. I lived in Los Angeles for 2 ¬Ω years. I got to know Hollywood well, the Valley and even the rougher areas of Downtown LA. Driving around LA one can sense the past […]

Nude for Klimt

The Leopold Museum has a fantastic exhibition of works by Oskar Kokoschka, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Richard Gerstl entitled The Naked Truth, should you be in Vienna. The catch? The Museum recommends you attend nude. Vienna’s Leopold Museum has […]

Deakin Law Op/Edder Strikes Again

Some time ago, I wrote a piece at Online Opinion on the views of a Deakin Uni Law academic, James McConvill, on public intellectuals. I expressed some scepticism that his contributions to public debate, and the arguments of his senior […]

Starvation In Niger

Did anyone else catch the news on SBS last night about the famine in Niger? It was utterly heart-breaking, and I’m ashamed to admit I had no idea that this was occuring. Again. BBC News reports that some 3.6 million […]

Carr resigns

Bob Carr has resigned as NSW Premier. Elsewhere: More at Cut Price Commentariat, wsa.caucus, Catallaxy, John Quiggin, The Daily Flute, For Battle!, Tree of Truth, Imagining Australia, Sailing Close to the Wind and The 52nd State.