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Brogden attempts suicide

Poor bugger. Some Liberals might like to reconsider their tactics. When you bring someone down in a dirty, grubby manner, this is sometimes an unintended consequence.

Crikey! There are Blogs out there!

Cutting edge new media outfit, Crikey, as Tim Dunlop notes, has a new feature where you can email them your favourite blog posts. Details here. The shorter Crikey – email a post you like to blogs at crikey dot com […]

Kim the Movie

After Mark’s very eloquent (and I suspect very pissed – the more red wine he drinks, the more Catholic he gets…) effort on the solipsistic film meme, I don’t quite know how to follow up. But Zoe has kindly tagged […]

7:30 Report on Intelligent Design

The lead story on last night’s edition of the 7:30 Report was on Intelligent Design. There is no need to rehash old posts but some comments by Colin Bunnett from Focus on The Family Australia are worth noting: One of […]

Rather solipsistic film meme

Kate’s tagged me. Who would I want to play me in the film of my life? I’d like to actually start writing a learned post about Hal Hartley movies and the representation of our lives which might be worthy of […]

Comments Problems III

There seems to be a database issue with comments on some threads – where there’s a disjunction between the reported number of comments on the thread itself and the discussion sidebar – and some people are experiencing odd things when […]

Islam, Feminism, Modernity, Australia

Two more interesting entries on the debate over the acceptability of wearing the Hijab have surfaced today. First, the Times columnist, Matthew Parriss, a former Tory MP, but quite a sensible bloke and worth listening to on many issues, has […]

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

As a compliment to Mark’s post on Wayne Swan’s book I finally got my fingers going to blog on a book that chronicle the lives of those that work for the minimum wage. Elisabeth Wynhausen is a journalist for The […]

Beyond Left and Right?

David McKnight has a new book out – Beyond Left and Right: New Politics and the Culture Wars. I’ve only just started reading it, and Mark and I both bought copies today when we had lunch, so I’m sure in […]

Faces on A Bus: Wayne Swan’s Postcodes

One interesting by-product of the tax stoushes that Naomi wrote about the other day might be an awareness of how few Australians are in the top bracket, and how many are struggling along with 30-60k household incomes (and that’s before […]