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A politically radioactive solution

You know on gag reflex alone I’d disagree with Andrew Bolt, and certainly Martin Ferguson has never really turned me on with his less than zero political score card so far, but on this I do agree. Australia could and […]

Seriously now

We want to make it easier for you to be sacked and harder to sack us. Fair’s fair.

Blog Broken!

If you can’t post comments, or if the site isn’t working very well, I think it’s a combination of our old friend the database error and something really weird going on with the new spam plugin. Clearing your cache of […]

The Folly of War

Writing in The Guardian, Simon Jenkins wonders whether anyone still reads Barbara Tuchman on the folly of war. It seems that the only remaining argument – in Australia and the UK (in the US the Bush administration doesn’t proceed by […]

It’s Dylan vs Atwood

Yep, that’s the betting for the ’05 lit Nobel (ha, ha, Bruce Elder) Prize, according to The Independent, as the world revels in celebration of the great artist. Go Bobby!

Read all about it!

Marky Mark Latham criticises the voyeuristic culture in an interview given to a well known online newspaper. [That’s if you can work out from the odd formatting which bits are the questions and which are the answers]. I think the […]

Howard’s Way: Throw money at a problem

One of the justifications for Howard’s workplace relations changes in the area of unfair dismissal is supposed to be speculative actions encouraged by ambulance chasing lawyers to the great cost of employers. Responding to community concern about the removal of […]

0% of Labour Economists Support Howard IR Reforms

As of now. It’s really interesting to see prominent conservative labour economist Mark Wooden come out on the side of truth rather than politics: