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Another Hendo

Before I bag him, I guess I should admit that Peter Hendy is a one-time colleague of mine with whom I have enjoyed the odd convivial beer. Funny how two politically-minded types around an office can have more in common […]

Welcome to more new LP bloggers!

After last night’s welcome to Peter and Georg, I’m very pleased to announce that Laura from Sorrow at Sills Bend and frequent commenter Steve Edney will also be joining the LP team. More group bloggy goodness! Update: And a big […]

We don’t do body counts

However, appears that they do. In what is sure to spark another round of mathematical gymnastics and propaganda….. …..The Pentagon has estimated that nearly 26,000 Iraqis have been killed or wounded in attacks by insurgents since January 2004, with the […]

Sky Captain Nabs and the Fyodorean Meme of Tomorrow

Since I’m still in LA, I can’t find time for too much serious blogging. But, inspired by this comment on another thread, I am in a position to answer one question from Fyodor’s Meme [with a promise of more to […]

Why We Should Be More Canadian

In doing some research for the book chapter on political blogs I’m just finishing up now that the teaching semester has come to a close, I came across an interesting facet of the Canadian blogosphere – aggregation is big, and […]

Welcome to new LP bloggers

As part of the rethinking process that’s been ongoing here at LP, we’re expanding our staple of bloggers. Please make long time commenter Peter Kemp (whose bio now appears on the sidebar) and the excellent bookblogger Georg (who some may […]

Blogpulse curios

According to Blogpulse, these are common keywords used in recent LP posts: lp , blogosphere , wage , provisions , canberra , productivity , cardinal , lefties , thesis , myth Lefties thesis myth seems about right for some of […]

Bride of Frankenstein

My local video store is renting all its horror movies for $1 tomorrow and Monday in honour of Halloween. If you could rent any horror movie, what would it be?

No rational connection

Dunno about you, but I’ve got to the stage with the government’s adverts where I have to change channel as soon as I see one. When you’re trying to flick back to maintain continuity in your program, it can get […]

Let’s Get Quizzical

Normally I save the silly quizzes for Camp Moment but I decided this one was just up LP’s alley: what kind of postmodernist are you? See what kind of postmodernist I am under the fold…