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Worse is better?

Gramsci would have ridiculed the common conservative refrain in the debate over the IR law, which is “well, if it’s all that bad, Labor will be elected next time round and can just toss the law out. The more you’re […]

Michelle Leslie: The culture of fame and the (post)modern Muslim

Julia Baird notes a good point made by Waleed Aly – who can look inside someone else’s heart? Who should cast the first stone, given that no one has appointed us delegates of the Divine in judging? The whole debate […]


A report in the SMH today, reports that airlines won’t allocate seats next to unaccompanied children to male passengers. The rationale being, that the majority of child sex offenders are male. The situation was highlighted when a male passenger was […]

What’s left of the Monroe Doctrine?

In 1823, while the Monroe Doctrine was being framed, John Quincy Adams took care to ensure that while it might warn European powers from territorial acquisitions in Latin America, it would also not prevent the US from snaffling areas like […]

Winning hearts and minds

What appears to be a trophy video has appeared on the internet, which apparently shows contractors driving around Iraq randomly killing innocent civilians: The video has sparked concern that private security companies, which are not subject to any form of […]

Canada goes to the polls

It’s official. The Canadian Government fell in today’s vote of non confidence, the PM Paul Martin will go to GG Micha√´lle Jean on Tuesday morning their time to ask for a dissolution. The vote was 171 to 133, with all […]

Australian Whines – World Class?

I reckon there must be a few people blowing in here every so often who don’t also read Phantom Scribbler (poor things, so much you’ve missed out on already!) so I claim the honour and delight of passing on her […]

Falsibility, Testability and Scientific Credibility

Don’t deny it dear LP regulars. I know what you all have been waiting for over the past few weeks. Time for some more scientifically philosophical musings on Intelligent Design! Given that we Aussies now have our own ID network […]


Microfinance is an interesting combination of private enterprise with the idea that actively empowering of women and other disadvantaged groups by giving them access to basic financial services will help lift people out of poverty. Around thirty years ago, charities […]

Pay Equity? Howard says no way!

In 1953, the International Labour Organisation promulgated Convention 100 on Equal Pay for men and women for work of equal value. The Convention was ratified by Australia (one of the last states to do so) in 1974. Because there are […]