Friday Arvo Funnies

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Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Postscript: I’ve changed the formatting to make the strip a little more LP & browser friendly – or so I hope. If you’re still having problems with the display, let me know in the comments.

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8 responses to “Friday Arvo Funnies”

  1. Phil

    Oook, ook, ook!

    So many characters I recognise. Christ I’m having an organism.

  2. steve

    Here’s the latest on the Blogging wars now that you mentioned wingnuts.

  3. anthony


  4. Gummo Trotsky

    Glad you all likes it.


  5. anthony

    DOINK!’S a keeper.

  6. Gummo Trotsky

    This tickled my funny bone just now.

    I hasten to add that it didn’t give me an organism though.

  7. Don Martin Superstar

    “Doink!,” eh?

    You’ll be hearing from my people pretty soon. Hope you’ve got a good lawyer or nine.


  8. Gummo Trotsky

    Eek! I’m going to be sued from beyond the grave! Reckon I’ll need a good medium as well.