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14 responses to “The other election – a quick primer”

  1. dylwah

    Ahh the other election, the one that may have more effect on oz than our own. I think that you are right about Huckabee being the gop dark horse, but i think that only Edwards can challenge Hillary now, Obama is being a little too sly and old school for his bright and shiny image to continue
    as well as hanging out with the “gays have to be cured” crowd, Obama committeed to maintaining an orthodox foreign policy in his Foreign Affairs essay in july/aug. nothing particularly unusual in the essay, but i reckon that his fan base want something different.

    you do have to be a little concerned re the lack of support that Hillary gets from the dems, i’ve read some nasty stuff directed at her on huffpost in the last few months, but if it does turn out to be a new yorker v new yorker slugfest the rapture crowd will stay at home or run a third party with possibly a black floridian or ohioan as veep candidate.

  2. tim

    What about Richardson? I have a friend from DC who reckons, if Clinton or Obama start facing some seriously critical press, he might slip into contention. And, more likely, her reckons he’s in with a good chance for VP.

    Obviously the best candidate on climate by a long shot.

  3. DCG

    What’s the last day that Al Gore can step in?

  4. Robert Merkel

    Richardson seems to be the fourth-ranked Democratic candidate, but he’s a long way behind the three others at this point.

    Maybe a VP option – Clinton and Obama reportedly don’t get on very well.

  5. philiptravers

    I have the Ron Paul disease,caught it off all the American conspiracy sites I go to.Although he isnt my idea of a progressive,I hope some Democrats find some way of insisting on Republicans stop dumping on him, even if they cannot agree with this honest man on some issues. Ron Paul s record has no blemishes, but cetainly doesnt seem over eager on issues not exactly within his conservative acceptance, like abortion etc.This is the disturbing thing for me about the United States today, the conservatives have to be knocked down to size,by others of their ilk,and the Democratic to Left have either the problem of dealing with excesses of money or unable apparently to gain any recognisable traction.Nader was always someone I also admire. There are still some good people in the Democrats ,but, wether they are really consistent about matters is something too costly for me to investigate.I think Australians have to ignore U.S.A. politics so that the honest forces are not being outpolled by shallow approvals from Australians.

  6. Greg

    Chris Dodd is apparently making some gains.

  7. dylwah


    Al Gore can step in any time up until the last day of the Democratic convention.

  8. Craig Mc

    I’m still disappointed Alice Cooper didn’t get in.

    At least he had a good campaign song.

  9. Katz

    I guess all the mainstream Republican candidates have already been raptured.

  10. Robert Merkel

    dylwah: but if he wants to win delegates in his own right he’d have to file for the Democratic primaries. Apparently, the official filing deadlines are still a couple of weeks away, but the chances of him being able to organize something from scratch in the time remaining are minimal.

    Otherwise, the only way he could get into the race would be if there’s a brokered convention – think the end of season 6 on The West Wing.

  11. dylwah

    True Robert, his only route in now is through a hung convention like in the WW. The flippant observers i know in Los Angeles were all watching his waist and it did appear for a while that he was losing weight, but the pics i’ve seen of him lately are not flattering, tho he is still on a diet and exercising more so the “draft Al” crowd have not given up hope.

  12. zorronsky

    Need honesty? principles? Mo Davis— the MAN>

  13. Robert Merkel

    Ah, yes, Ron Paul. While libertarianism has some terribly noisy supporters, they aren’t actually all that numerous.

  14. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    This Mo Davis? Bugger that.

    On March 5, 2007, Colonel Morris Davis, the chief prosecutor in the Guantanamo military commissions, accused Mori of breaching Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, relating to use of contemptuous language towards the US President, Vice-President or Secretary of Defence. Penalties potentially include jail and the loss of both employment and accrued entitlements. [5] Mori is concerned that, having to defend himself from charges made by Davis, he is facing a conflict of interest and may not be able to effectively represent his client, forcing David Hicks to again face further delays. On March 6, 2007, Colonel Morris Davis stated “I’m not aware of anybody, anywhere that has any intention of charging Maj Mori with anything”, further noting “”I would be absolutely dumbfounded if this kind of thing rose to that level.”[6]

    That is what is technically known as a “backpedal”. I’d prefer Mori as president, but the minimum age is 35.

    As for the declared candidates – the only one who I like is John Edwards. I know it’s a bit early in primary season, but I’m surprised how unimpressed I am with all the Democrats. When you have the prez with sub-Nixon popularity, I have to ask “Is that the best that they can do?”