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55 responses to “I won't add my condemn to your condemn XXIII”

  1. Dave Bath

    I condemn the Victorian Parliament Environment and Natural Resources Committee and its chair John Pandazopoulos…
    The “Inquiry on Melbourne Future’s Water Supply” was referred by the legislative council to committee 19-Sep-2007. In May 2008, when there was STILL no place listed to send submissions, I contacted the ENRC who promised to let me know when it was open for submissions. The “Open for Submissions” notice went up 22-Jul-2008, it closes for submissions 29-Aug-2008. The ENRC Still hasn’t contacted me.

  2. Pavlov's Cat

    I condemn all-day meetings in inadequately heated basement meeting rooms in 19th century buildings.

  3. tigtog

    I condemn those making mock of celebrities for dotingly fatuous remarks about their newborns that are no more dotingly fatuous than the remarks all besotted parents of newborns make.

  4. DeeCee

    I condemn, on the grounds of Age Discrimination, movies that last more than 2 hours without a break. Most of Batman was great, but the last third needed a very serious scissors attack. Watching it buggered my aging joints … which I also condemn, on the grounds that it would have been a less (physically) painful movie if the last third had be edited.

  5. Paul Burns

    I condemn this cold/flu/cough/ticklish throat/blocked chest etc I’ve caught, which mght end up putting me in hospital. (Thought I’d avoided it this year.)
    I condemn temperatures of minus seven degrees or more, and the extremely negative effect they have on the body and the psychology.
    I condemn this endless boring bullshit about the Olympics we’re going to be subjected to for the nert few weeks.
    That’ll do for the moment.

  6. David Rubie

    I condemn XHTML and cascading style sheets for making my work life a living purgatory. How hard is it to centre the text in the middle of a button on a html page with css? Without using tables? When you’ve got two lines of text sometimes?

    Gah! It turns out – you can’t unless you want to force the line height of your text to the same height as the button. Fark this for a game of soldiers, I condemn it! I can’t believe any piece of technology would make me nostalgic for the days of raw X windows programming or Unix termcap databases.

  7. derrida derider

    I condemn head gaskets, the composition and quality of which has hardly changed (other than the unfotunate deletion of asbestos at do-gooder’s request) in fifty years. Dammit, I should be able to drive an engine more than 150k kilometres without having to give up my weekend to lift the head off.

  8. Paul Norton

    I condemn the busway construction works in inner-southside Brisbane which have resulted in the destruction of the bikeway from Annerley Road to the Eleanor Schonell Bridge, the prevention of cyclist access to the bikeway on the south side of the Eleanor Schonell bridge and the rerouting of cyclists onto the footpath on the north side of the Eleanor Schonell bridge which was never designed to be a shared pedestrian-cylist facility. I also condemn those pedestrians using the Eleanor Schonell Bridhe who have not altered their behaviour to take account of it now being a shared facility.

  9. zorronsky

    I condemn long tubes with little cameras in them and other tubes that draw bits into them and seal the bits with tiny rubber bands anndddaarrrrrr.

  10. nasking

    I condemn governments of all varieties here in QLD for not ensuring that taxpayer’s w/ pets & animal companions cannot get access to affordable veterinary services (particularly in order to neuter/spade to ensure less strays), basic shots & boosters and emergency treatment.
    Animal lovers pay an enormous amount of tax (many don’t have children), yet their views/needs are often not reflected in policy implementation & funding.

    The lack of affordable, publicly funded/supported vet services has led to this kind of tragedy:

    “Logan City Council will decide tomorrow whether it will continue sending almost 800 animals a year from its pound to the University of Queensland, where veterinary students use the unwanted animals to learn medical procedures and surgery.

    (Courier Mail, 4th Aug, 08)

    Turns out every year for 5 years, approximately 700-800 Logan/Beaudesert-based animals (cats, dogs, pigs, horses and so on…approximately 4000 of them in total) have been put on death row, many healthy, in the Logan pound (seems other councils have done similar) & then been sent for slicing and dicing, experimentation, vet trainee practice at UQ…

    Partially because of irresponsible, careless citizens…& sometimes those who become seriously ill or bankrupt & can no longer help take care of the animal(s)…or die & noone in their family or friends/neighbours can help take in the pets…& too often the reason these animals are rejected is the COST of ongoing healthcare…& de-sexing costs.

    However, we must ask why these prac vets at UQ are not using alternative methods? And not providing de-sexing services to pounds & elsewhere? Considering how many tax dollars go into funding their education.

    And who is funding the UQ project?

    And why are publicly funded vets not available across QLD, ensuring that prac vets cans have sessions there…like teachers, doctors do? And why pounds aren’t getting more support from the State government?…where are the leaflet drops & ads?…the calls for people to help out?…& be more responsible as pet owners?

    A Logan City councillor spoke to me of the pain he feels having to watch so many animals be euthanised…& tells of how how “millions of rate payers dollars” are being spent on this ROAD TO SUFFERING. & TRAGIC END.

    It turns out that about 350 Logan/Beaudesert animals have been found HOMES (thankfully) after the vet trainees have practiced on them…but that means over three and a half thousand have been put down after the HORROR of being EXPERIMENTED on. And that’s just the LOGAN contribution to this NIGHTMARE.

    For me, the whole thing evokes images of Josef Mengele & his gruesome crew experimenting on Jewish children & other camp inmates in order to gain experience, knowledge.
    It’s grotesque.

    Is it not enough that an animal is abandoned, left alone after an owner’s death, or falls sick, or is injured & then left to be EUTHANISED…without putting them through the HORROR of VET PRACTICE?…primarily to benefit those who can afford to have their animals continually treated by the trained vets once they set up their PRIVATE practices. And to benefit well-off breeders of so-called “pure blood” pets.

    There’s a STINK about this. ELITISM. INTENTIONAL NEGLIGENCE. Why was no action taken to ensure pet shops didn’t sell non-neutered/spaded animals in the first place? Why was the FERAL & abandoned animal situation allowed to reach the CHAOS point in the first place?…so the only options became grotesque measures like feeding thousands of animals to practicing vets.

    It’s TIME for some EMPATHY (seriously lacking in Australia today) & some government action. Using our, animal loving, rate & tax paying dollars. I’m disgusted!

    (Queensland Council Pounds supplying Dogs to Qld University)
    Governments have NEVER received so much revenue…yet where are the doctors that come to your HOME?…the free milk & juice that students once got at school?…the affordable dental care…& animal care?

    Subsidies go to these huge corporations (fortunately some are becoming more socially responsible now) & CEOs & execs are making BIG BUCKS & running for the hills…& pork barreling to buy elections goes on everywhere…& private health & education is subsidised regardless of how expensive the American & other foreign-based materials, resources, drugs & other equipment are that drives up price & fees.

    It’s INSANITY. It’s a RORT. A CON on the Australian people…& their animal companions.

    N’…condemning…& requesting you look into your hearts.

  11. nasking

    “for not ensuring that taxpayer’s w/ pets & animal companions cannot get access to affordable veterinary services”

    obviously should be “can get access”

  12. GoTroppo

    I condemn Channel 7 for trying to stretch 30 minute BBC episodes of “Vicar of Dibley” into a one hour slot. The result? Horridly long ad breaks (literally) every few minutes making the show impossible to watch (although, some might argue that it was impossible to watch in the first place).

  13. The Intellectual Bogan

    I condemn Australian industry for placing their recruitment policy into the hands of agencies run by talentless, arrogant, lazy 20somethings and then whining that there’s a skills shortage. Well, there is. Mostly amongst recruitment agencies.

  14. TimT

    Which evil political, cultural, social, musical, religious and other phenomena need condemnation?

    The evil that is text messaging! May perdition take it!

  15. dave

    I condemn Optus for not knowing where Alice Springs is, and continually telling me to ‘visit my local OptusWorld store’, which is more than 1450 km away. And thus causing me to be without an iPhone.

  16. Fine

    nasking, I think that all vet schools use animals in such a way. It’s horribly sad. I was talking to someone who works in animal rescue the other who says the number of abandoned pets is soaring due to the economy stuffing up.

  17. Paul Burns

    I condemn the ABC for the following stupid programming:
    Repeats of Poirot on Friday nights. Don’t mind new Poirots but not repeats.
    Broadcasting for third time When we were Heroes, this time in the Friday night crime spot. (Entertainment really wants to pinch Friday nights from drama. Thought they would have learnt a lesson with that boring, boring sports panel show a couple of years ago.)
    Putting that wanky bourgeiose Grand Designs on in prime time on a Tuesday night.

  18. Klaus K

    Vet schools are full of humane and caring people, and often they are the ones who are out there liasing with shelters, trying to find homes for dogs, cats and everything else. Or providing free or below cost care when and where they can afford to do so.

    Unstated but implied by nasking is that vet schools allow animals to be tortured. ‘Experimentation’ is strictly limited by rules and regulations about the ethical treatment of animals. Animals used for teaching surgical techniques are anaesthetised. There is no dimension of torture to these practices.

    Also, Godwin’s.

  19. L

    I condemn Alan Carpenter for not calling an election last week when he should have, and thus exposing us to a high probability of a Barnett Government in WA.

  20. Helen

    I don’t mind provided that animals that can’t be rehomed are treated properly, then properly anaesthesised before being used for teaching purposes and then euthed. Unlike the straight “green needle” (and the glue / fertiliser factory) it helps other animals.

    I condemn all the asshats featured on this wonderful blog. (If you’re contemplating buying a horse, especially if you’re a clueless parent buying for a child, please, please read this site.)

  21. Ambigulous

    I won’t add my condemn to PC’s: “I condemn all-day meetings in inadequately heated basement meeting rooms in 19th century buildings.”

    but in addition I condemn
    i) any meeting that goes longer than 2 hours without good reason or a break
    ii) most planning/strategy/governance/marketing talkfests where the collective ignorance is diffused or a crank theory is elevated to gurudom, and ALL where butcher’s paper makes an appearance


    and I anti-condemn the Big Tits Thread, which I had spurned because I thought it was about BB the TV show; but belatedly realise it was more aligned with BB the purring Brigitte Bardot of sacred memory [no, I refuse to write mam***y], and has brought forth such a wealth of gossip, intrigue, theory, stoush, smut and very fine nicknames, that it must simply be anti-condemned out-of-hand.

    Innuendo Rules, OK?

  22. Klaus K

    Precisely Helen. I also understand that nasking’s targets are mainly elsewhere, but I thought it was a bit of a slight against vets and vet students, who for the most part are not in it for the money (which is really not very good at the end of the day, unless you are a specialist or operate a large practice in a well-to-do area).

  23. Peter

    I condemn this place for being rather too nice to have to leave in a week 🙂

  24. Paul Norton

    I condemn Microsoft PowerPoint for presuming that it knows better than I do what font sizes and line spacing I want to use in my lecture presentations.

  25. Helen

    I condemn Kellogg, Brown and Root.

    KBR is Serious about Solving the Rape Problem
    | posted by Melissa McEwan | Monday, August 04, 2008
    After rape victim used cell phone to call for help, KBR bans use of personal phones in Iraq.

    Oh, you thought they meant solving the problem of their female employees getting raped by their male employees? Ha ha—no. They mean the problem of people finding out about it.

    These asshats (who are, as you know, a subsidiary of super-asshats Halliburton) are engineering and building consultants. Anyone know what projects they’re on at the moment? Maybe some letters and emails could be written.

  26. Helen

    Sorry – link

  27. Paul Norton

    I condemn sales catalogues which advertise digital cameras at astoundingly low prices without telling you that you’ll need to spend more than the purchase price of the camera on “accessories” which are actually essential in order for the camera to function.

  28. Postglobalism

    I condemn all this talk about ‘green’ products, ‘green’ lifestyles, and energy-rating schemes for ‘green’ houses in Victoria when all the while our government is growth mad, forgetting that human population and consumption itself is the root cause of environmental problems.

    What good will changing your light globes do in light of the state’s population rising by 80,000 souls last year alone, primarily from aggresive immigration policies, and when we will have nearly 800,000 thousand new houses in the state over the next 30 years?


  29. Mary

    I condemn my university’s IT Services, who have no idea why our email keeps vanishing and our network connection keeps going down, and who appear to think their job is providing approximately 80% uptime. And I condemn the people who awarded them the tender.

  30. nasking

    “I was talking to someone who works in animal rescue the other who says the number of abandoned pets is soaring due to the economy stuffing up.”

    It is sad Fine. Which is why I got agro when I heard that Logan City Council was thinking of using cat fees to solve the problem. It just seemed INSANE to introduce a registration fee at the time people in Logan here are starting to do it tough. The rates have soared since the Laborite Mayor left office,
    as has water charges (understandably during drought). And petrol. And electricity & rents. Partially due to pressure from overseas & the Iraq War side effects. And partially thnx to corporate collusion & talking up house prices by way of the media under Howard.

    Putting a new fee on poor pet owners now would see plenty of debt-ridden pet owners turf out their animals only to be swept into the Pound & RSPCA (might be what UQ wants…more animals to experiment on perhaps?…& those breeders who HATE mongrels & moggies…& home owners who detest animals…don’t want their manicured gardens touched by LIVING BEINGS)…and many will refuse to take in strays (as we did twice…ensuring they got their shots, spaded, wormed, were de-fleed…became more domesticated & less bird attracted).

    Many will not be responsible. Plenty of heartless, selfish HUMANS around. They moan about other species…but seem oblivious to the MASSIVE environmental damage they cause.

    A Logan councillor I spoke to said that it might be better to go w/ other deterrent measures to begin with. Such as banning pet shops from selling animals that aren’t fertility controlled. I agree.

    As for the idea that it’s okay to anaesthetise them first before cutting up…& then death…what a load of bollocks!

    Imagine if this became a TOTALITARIAN state. And your genes were considered inferior. Under stress you had a breakdown and lost your job & family…you became HOMELESS…and were picked up by the totalitarian government’s neighborhood sweep team…& put in a prison/cage…miserable, lost, confused. It was determined that the RICH, PROSPEROUS STATE didn’t feel the need to divert enough money into helping YOUR KIND. You’re a mongrel. Not pure breed. As far as the ELITE are concerned. Some carers at the prison are kind tho…& sad for you. But haven’t the money & support to help you.

    So, instead of being fed & looked after until you are well…&/or are found a HOME/SHELTER…you are given a DEATH SENTENCE.

    And part of the DEATH SENTENCE is to be sent to a University department that trains Surgeons & other medical practitioners. Where they will anaesthetise you…then use you as a guinea pig & training doll…slice you up & dice you…before they PUT YOU DOWN. But at least your SACRIFICE will help others.
    How lovely. How reassuring. How ethical.
    And at least you were paralysed before the cutting & experimentation started, sorry, SCIENCE RESEARCH…

    Yep…”no pain” they say…just panicked mind, fear-ridden eyes before you hit HORROR before END SLEEP…strange tugging feelings…& sudden excruciating pain when it goes wrong & noone can ask you if it hurts.

    And someone in a white coat says to another as they observe the panic in your eyes…the twitching muscles:

    Do you think this is cruel?

    Nah, “I don’t mind provided that animals that can’t be rehomed are treated properly, then properly anaesthesised before being used for teaching purposes and then euthed.”
    (sorry Helen…but seriously…?)
    Good on the vets & trainees who are morally developed. Plenty out there too…I hope.
    I remember Bob Hawke saying something about how “technology had advanced/evolved…but the moral part of Humanity had shrunk correspondingly”…or something similar.
    Perhaps the Labor Party…& various councils & individuals could help grow that SHRUNKEN part again. Start thinking WIDER on these matters. Stop being so tight-arsed with OUR money.


    I agree w/ you on KBR Helen.

  31. nasking

    I condemn those who look away & want easy, cheap answers to problems. Here’s some ideas for stray cats:


    (Animal Outreach, London)

    It’s a start.

  32. Frank Calabrese

    [I condemn Alan Carpenter for not calling an election last week when he should have, and thus exposing us to a high probability of a Barnett Government in WA.]

    Well Noel Chrichton-Browne isn’t helping the Liberal Party in WA with stuff like this.


  33. Helen

    Nask, please note that I said animals that can’t be rehomed.

    For these animals, there are three possibilities.

    They can live feral, suffering themselves and causing suffering and death to wildlife. I don’t care how cute they are.

    They will be euthanased in a vetinerary surgery (this will apply mostly to the smaller pets like cats and dogs.)


    They will be sent to the slaughterhouse (larger animals like horses, cows, goats.)

    Now, if the animal is going to be euthanased anyway, in the vet surgery scenariio, I don’t see any difference from the animal’s point of view whether they get operated on by a student after they go under or whether that’s it. It makes no difference. As far as being part of the slippery slope towards Mengele-ism, that’s just ridiculous Nask, as well as a Godwin’s violation; we’ve been killing animals in abbatoirs for… how long?

    As for the slaughterhouse option, well, if I had a larger beast I’d choose the euthanasia option every time. So again, once the animal is in the vet’s care, then it becomes the same scenario as the cat/dog.

    The outcome is, perhaps, that five years down the track your old golden Lab with the heart murmur is successfully operated on by an experienced vet surgeon and enjoys a new lease of life.

  34. nasking

    Doesn’t have to be that way Helen…that’s just letting the small-minded dictate how the World is run. See this:


    “As far as being part of the slippery slope towards Mengele-ism, that’s just ridiculous”

    I’m not talking about some dopey “slippery slope” & to heck with Godwin’s wall of baloney. We’re already there. Godwin’s quote is just BS used to prevent people from making valid comparisons. I’m trying to get YOU & other humans to EMPATHISE & recognise what it’s like for other species. How the heck would YOU like to be treated that way? Oneday aliens might arrive on this Planet & JUDGE US for how we treated those we SHARE the Planet with. They may already be observing.

    Try & put yourself in the experience of those animals.

    The reality is, these animals shouldn’t be treated like creatures that have no individual characteristics/personalities…as tho they don’t feel mental anguish, as well as physical pain. It’s too easy, too convenient to pretend they don’t. It’s morally reprehensible.

    And please don’t use the condescending “I don’t care how cute they are”. It’s got nothing to do w/ being swayed by physical attractiveness…& childish notions of unrealistic, cuddly animals & such. The reality is, many domesticated animals have unique characteristics and if treated appropriately by society as a whole there is little necessity for them to be roving feral &/or be put down if they can be healed or are healthy.

    The mainstream media & some tyrannical politicians are attempting to BLAME cats & various other creatures for destroying natural habitats as a DIVERSION from their property development crimes & poisoning antics. They’ve INTENTIONALLY NEGLECTED putting thru laws & funding that would’ve reduced this problem…& under-funded programmes that work.

    And it doesn’t surprise me that just as Obama is running for President we get this upsurge in HATE towards non-pure breed animals. The same way we have seen ORCHESTRATED campaigns to sh*t stir in Africa & FOCUS on the negative aspects of that region. Think about the arrests of celebrity Blacks the last coupla years for everything from Tax evasion, to taking steroids/growth hormones to possessing a gun. Some deserved it, but the FOCUS & negative DEFINING has been unrelenting. Just like w/ the Aborigines here before Rudd won. Let’s face it…we have WAR CRIMINALS, corporate criminals everywhere…they helped kill a million Iraqis. How many American troops? And where was THE FOCUS?

    Can’t ya just hear em’?:

    “Whoooa…Obama Osama comin…gotta watch that boy…he could be a Muslim…be a big cock*d nig*a come to screw our girls…change America so the Muslims, colour’ds, wetbacks takeover…drive us Whites out…God LOVE John MccAin…good old white fella…he’ll give the good for nuthin’ **&*% a run for their money”.

    And yet strangely, the black woman who failed to use the evidence of FBI agents and others to prevent 9/11, Condi Rice…the same lady who was part of that Neo-Con/Hawk group The Vulcans…who came up w/ a dissertation that spells out heaps of how the Bush admin’ should proceed…all those years ago…& that General, Colin Powell, who persuaded many doubters that they should join in a pre-emptive attack on Iraq…a man who has assisted the Bush/Cheney & war criminals over & over again thru history, are both getting a “Get out of jail free” card from the corporate media. Whilst the Dem, Hollywood & poor blacks get slammed. But I guess if you stand w/ the WHITEY party & ENABLE their RESISTANCE & paranoia & crimes then you get REWARDS.

    Anyway, there’s a whole lot of weird “blut & boden” type sh*t goin’ on out there…part of long-term conditioning by way of religious establishments, books, art, film, TV, radio & so on.

    So much so, Aussies have even lost much of their “sticking up for the under-dog”, “cuttin’ down tall poppies” approach…supporting w/ a proud smile & sheepish giggle & “good onya!” those who throw money around, fail to achieve goals but smile about it & grab the cash (think Stewart at NAB)…

    And they adore those who use TV & radio & blogs/MSM to denigrate the Unions, Muslims, Greenies, Vegetarians (always constructing OUTSIDERS/TRAITORS to RAGE against) including those less than full-blooded, even those a darker shade than them (provided they’re not useful & moneyed on their side of politics)…these buggers have gotten away w/ their thoroughbred horse racing & dog breeding/dog show mentality for years.

    That’s why they wanted Kevin Rudd instead of Julia. Misogyny plays a part too. If they were going to lose Howard, then it had to be the WHITE CHRISTIAN boy. No wonder they got agro when he did the decent thing & apologised to the Aboriginal people. How they must’ve cringed. How much they NEED another good CHRISTIAN WHITE boy…all HAIL the SAVIOUR…the CONTROL FREAK…Peter Costello.


    And now, there’s this underlying CONTROL FREAK, OCD, must be PURE, must be PURE thing coming out in the relationship w/ animals. Must wipe out the mongrels, the moggies…must reduce taxes…not use money to help the beasts but rather exterminate them…use them for tests to help the proper breeds. Help my lovely dog…so they don’t screw up the op on him these other dumb feral, sad sack, bird & pure Aussie mammal/lizard munching, dirty, foul creatures MUST be used to get the VETS experienced…get them RIGHT for my mate…my dog. I’m the most important thing in the world. ME. (that’s how they act…oblivious of OTHERS pain & suffering & discomfort).

    It all connects…it’s the expression of a CONDITIONED & lazy & pathetic society that wants easy answers…& tax cuts & doesn’t want anything that doesn’t come across as “what we’re used to” in this new, confusing, changing, uncertain, multi-cultural, worrying “BOO!!!…guess who is coming to dinner?” age.

    Another FIN DE SIECLE.

    A society of individuals willing to SACRIFICE just about any creature that doesn’t give it pleasure…sacrifice, finger-point at anyone else…to keep itself feeling calm, happy, tuned out, unworried…sleepwalking, eyes wide shut.

    Sounds like an OCCUPATION to me. And a freaked out, scared under the bed, EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE anything different society not coping w/ the NEW AGE & breaking down of borders due to trade Communication technology. An occupation of YOUR MIND by the old media & archaic religious figures perhaps? And some politicians & Corporations. Making the most from your FEAR…& underlying need for CONTROL.

    And that mindset leads to undue suffering & killing.

    PRISONER. Quite a show.

    The life of the individual has meaning
    only insofar as it aids in making the life
    of every living thing nobler
    and more beautiful”
    Albert Einstein

  35. nasking

    I might add, I agree wholeheartedly w/ Anna Bligh on ensuring Koalas are protected. But let’s get it right & not kill heaps of dogs in the process. Prevention is the best remedy.

  36. Pavlov's Cat

    I condemn people who don’t say what they mean, people who don’t mean what they say, people who don’t do what they said they were going to do, people who don’t listen to the answer to the question they just asked, people who abuse their power and influence, people who refuse to believe there’s not a big magic bucket of water that the SA government has hidden somewhere but is perversely refusing to hand over to the populace, people who are inappropriately touchy-feely (especially when it means poking your upper arm hard with an index finger as a form of conversational punctuation), people who think a single fifteen-minute break (for lunch) is sufficient respite from an all-day meeting, people who laugh loudly at their own jokes, people whose default mode of interpersonal interaction is emotional blackmail, people who can’t use apostrophes to save themselves but don’t let that stop them trying, Sam Newman, Andrew Dimitriou and John Brumby.

    And now for a nice dinner of live chickens and broken glass. Yummy.

  37. Robynne B

    I condem those who do not have their animals de-sexed. In NSW the animal welfare league offers discount vouchers for this very purpose. And horses are pets for life, no matter that they are expensive animals to keep. In fact every animal that you adopt,obtain or purchase is a commitment for the life of that critter. Mind you, ya could have knocked me down with a feather when the vet told me that the two orphaned lambs I picked up would live till 14 plus years if I cared for them well. They are now four, and are demanding pushy ewes, but I love them dearly along with our decrepit horse who was supposed to be euthanised at the races 16 years ago, another horse and my elderly doggy that was surrendered to the vet to be euthanised because of a marriage break up.Feed time at our joint is something to behold as they all line up.I fervently hope that the RSPCA’s education program is successfull in educating people that the responsibilities of pet ownership are an ongoing matter not a novelty to be enjoyed until we find the next new thing and the poor bloody animal gets the flick and ends up in the situation that Nasking described. Christ, it makes you weep for these critters.

  38. Thomarse

    Mind you when my terrier bitch misbehaves at obedience class I feel like vivisecting it. . .not really. Terriers are independent which is great but NOT when the chief instructer is looking on!!!

    And, yes, Demi is desexed and I got her from the Lonsdale Pound, one less stray animal.

  39. Fine

    What sort of terrier do you have, Thomarse? They’re all little terrorists. But I reckon when you calling a dog Demi, it’s asking to have a diva on your hands.

  40. Ambigulous

    or is that Demi-god, the divine little terrorist?

  41. David

    Having finally seen the video clip (blocked at work), I condemn President Bush (again).

    As the young lady said, “Fuck you, President Bush!”

  42. Chookie

    I condemn Paul Burns @17 for suggesting that Grand Designs is wanky and bourgeiose, and for not spelling properly in a foreign language. I condemn the presenter of GD for being wanky and bourgeois. GD would improve a lot if Tony Robinson was the presenter. Or indeed anyone who doesn’t consider the word “modern” to be a compliment rather than a descriptor. Thinks: Phil Harding?
    I condemn the mad Poms on GD who think that their dismal climate demands picture windows to enable a more minute examination of its dismalness.
    I condemn the inner city, where I drove last week in ever-decreasing circles due to the plethora of one-way streets and dead ends. I also condemn the fire alarm that occurred right when my seminar was about to start, delaying it by 45 minutes and increasing my parking bill. I condemn techno-enthusiasts who want to talk about a device’s Features instead of about How To Use It in the Real World — why spend ten minutes of my parking time telling us how to network it before mentioning that the device won’t talk to our network?
    Lastly, I condemn my cold, which is into its sixth week.

  43. David

    … we’ve been killing animals in abbatoirs for… how long?

    Helen – until pretty recently, most of us carnivores killed animals directly. No abattoirs involved. (It’s an ugly process, btw. I still reckon anyone who wants to eat meat should do it at least once.) However, your main point (humane killing of surplus or edible critters) is valid.

  44. Alison

    I condemn the Olympics – rubbish coverage and it hasn’t even started yet. And I don’t care if they win medals or not.

  45. Mark

    I add my condemn to that condemn. And I further condemn the heap of coverage about whether swimmer Stephanie Rice is still going out with that other swimmer. I don’t care!

  46. Klaus K

    I think there are legitimate criticisms of the utilitarian position in relation to animals, but I don’t see an enormous difference between putting animals down, and operating on them under strictly controlled conditions and then putting them down.

    I’m not going to offer a Godwin’s exemption with respect to the vet schools/Mengele comparison, but I’m prepared to negotiate over the question of animal slaughter or mass euthanasia in general. J M Coetzee is pretty convincing on this issue.

  47. Paul Burns

    I condemn myself for not spelling properly in French, but exonerate myself somewhat by explaining I have a cold that stops me from thinking, not just clearly, but at all. (I got an awful lot of sleep yesterday.)

  48. Fine

    Helen, that fuglyhorse blog is fantastic. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  49. Helen

    Fine, most of her readers do both in turns, I think. 😉

  50. nasking

    Hopefully new ideas/projects such as in-vitro meat will begin to deal w/ the problem of animal slavery over the next few years. It ain’t perfect, but it’s a start:



  51. nasking

    I CONDEMN the Logan City Council.

    “Yesterday, Logan City Council voted overwhelmingly to continue supplying animals to UQ’s Veterinary School until 2013”.

    Another sign of the times.

    A Councillor stated that “Council didn’t have the facilities to house all the stray animals” (Daniel Tang, Albert & Logan News).

    Councillors just got a substantial pay rise. Rates rose alarmingly recently.

    Two voted against continuing the process of sending strays to UQ, including the Mayor.

    Damn all those lazy, tight-arsed w/ our money politicians, irresponsible owners & greedy pet shop owners for creating this tragic situation in the first place.

    At least the Council has apparently forbidden UQ from using the animals for cosmetic research.

    It’s something.

    Those poor, poor animals. May their energy find a better place.

  52. Lines Penned for Troy Buswell

    Zen Bra

    The sound of
    one strap

  53. Nick

    Hear hear, nasking.

    Any concerned UQ student filmmakers out there need a documentary idea?

    Follow a few of these animals from woe to go, to woe to go, to woe.

    And all the cage time in between.

    I’m all for some emotional blackmail and the public being educated on the detail and reality of the process.

    I guess the rich post-Christmas haul arrives just in time for 1st semester.

  54. David Rubie

    I condemn the whole damn month of July and all of August so far.

    3 near misses with the poo-for-brains local drivers who apparently consider “give way to the right” only applies if the vehicle is bigger than yours, one resulting in a long, expletive fueled spray only to discover a crying little old lady inside the car frightened for her life. F*ck.

    The horrifying discovery of a feminism I can’t condemn that veers meekly between a libertarian “choice for choices sake” and Danoz Direct.

    All the local firewood suppliers running out, and the one who had some wood refusing to sell it because I wasn’t a “regular”, despite having spent $500 there the previous month on something else. Guess what buddy, you will be selling no more building supplies to me.

    Bent bits of bicycle, rust in the floor pan of my truck requiring a wait for more parts from the US and a shitful number of weeks at work wrestling with web based garbage that I already condemned but deserves a double condemnation.

    Make it end before I have to condemn everything and everyone.

  55. klaus k

    I condemn those who want to spread a stoush everywhere they go, in spite of being asked not to.