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5 responses to “The latest US talking points in LOLspeak”

  1. Adrien

    That bank dude looks like he should be in an SS uniform taking random shots at Jews in Birkenau. Seriously.
    What utter fucking creeps. 30 years of ‘liberal’ economics and now they fuck up the world and get the Biggest Dole Cheque in history.
    They need to go to jail. A real jail. One crammed full of Crips and Bloods.

  2. CountArach

    Bring back Keynes 🙁

  3. FDB

    Error in first caption – that should read “…699,999,999,999 more” (well, “moar” would also be better).

    That is of course assuming that politikittehs’ numeracy is superior to their literacy.

  4. Colin Campbell

    Thank you for that amusement early in the morning.

  5. David

    Loved the Nixon one. He was at least as hateful as Dubyah, but nowhere near as stupid.