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24 responses to “Tim Dunlop off to smell a few roses”

  1. Robert Merkel

    I would also like to wish Tim well on his future plans.

    Tim’s posts on Blogocracy were, in my opinion (and I know it’s not universal) usually of a high standard, though perhaps suffered just a little bit occasionally by the requirement to post several times a day even if there’s nothing taking his fancy.

    Where Blogocracy fell down a little bit compared to Surfdom (or indeed, possibly, LP), was in the signal-to-noise ratio in the comments threads. I don’t mean this as any criticism of Tim at all; I think he did a sterling job. But it seems to be the nature of the beast. While there were high-quality comments to be found, there was also a higher level of dross than you’d find on the better non-MSM-hosted blogs.

    So I suppose I’d just like to thank LP commenters for their consistently useful and interesting commentary on our work. You really make the difference!

  2. Tiny Tyrant

    I stopped frequenting RtS just before he took up the gig at Fairfax. But while I was lurking there I enjoyed his take on things and more importantly the nature and tone of the commenters, both of which did not always align with my opinions.

    It seems TD met with a certain level of success, enough to have some choice of his direction in the short term, anyway.

    Better him than some of the other insincere shills out there.

  3. Colin Campbell

    RTS was one of the first Australian blogs I frequented. Tim was in Washington when I first started reading. I lived there for ten years. He was moving to Adelaide, where I live, so there was some interest in what he had to say. I still like RTS, but not as much as when he was the primary author. I never got to like the News Corp site. A little impersonal. I will search him out wherever he is writing. A real jewel in blogworld.

  4. Sean

    RtS is still Tim’s site. He may shit-can it I suppose, especially if he’s planning to live on savings while writing that book. I suspect he may be a bit like an ex PM, though, venting when the urge takes him, rather than as a professional obligation.

  5. roseabella

    I am very sorry to see Tim go he was the only credible blogger in any of the newspapers certainly the best read and the most objective point of view

  6. Mark

    Yep, a good two years from Tim. I do wonder, however, how sustainable this sort of independent/MSM crossover blogging is – for reasons outside his control. My best wishes to Tim for his future projects (and a good rest!)…

  7. Tiny Tyrant

    Yikes, he went to News Ltd!?! Now the reaction to his move there makes a little more sense.

  8. Mark

    Two years ago, TT!

  9. paul walter

    Loved his stuff when he was startingout, contributing at Margo’s Web Diary- I’d been malnourished for intelligent comment from newspapers, so it was a revelation to not only read the truth for a change, written neatly by well-informed people like him, Brian Bahnisch and the like, but in concentrated form.

  10. Alastair

    I found Tim Dunlop one of the most credible and insightful bloggers around. I for one will miss his work. I will also miss the fairness that was applied to comments in his threads at Blogocracy. His threads were at times very interesting with many opposing ideas being put forward by commenters, mostly in a civil fashion. Much more interesting than threads where everyone chips in with a variation of “i agree”.

    “Yikes, he went to News Ltd!?! Now the reaction to his move there makes a little more sense.”

    Not really. His posts were still mostly quality and worth reading. News Ltd loved Howard and WorkChoices but it didn’t stop him strongly criticising Howard and WorkChoices etc.

  11. Mark

    No, but to be fair, he was stopped from criticising News Limited columnists, Alastair. That’s understandable – but it does point to the differences in political blogging independently and with the MSM.

  12. Alastair

    That is true Mark but that is probably the only difference in his work from his independent blog to MSM blog. I hardly find it a major issue.

  13. Mark

    I don’t want to overplay it, Alastair, but I do think there are benefits to independent blogging which are significant.

  14. Alastair

    That’s fine. I’m just emphasising that Tim Dunlop’s work, in my opinion, was of high quality regardless of the fact that he was writing for a MSM blog in his last couple of years.

  15. Mark

    We’re in furious agreement then!

  16. Sans Blog

    “Much more interesting than threads where everyone chips in with a variation of “i agree”

    Exactly, and which is the thing that makes most Australian blogs bland, boring and predictable.

  17. Campaign for sound money and to change the universe through attaining high office!

    I furiously disagree! LIAR! TAXEATER!


    Check out some Catallaxy threads and you might well conclude that the problem in the Ozblogosphere is not too much agreement and civility.

  18. Kim

    Ps – I’m sorry to see Blogocracy fold too. Best of luck to Tim in his future endeavours!

    I think he was always a very generous writer and moderator, and that’s a very good thing.

  19. joe2

    Exactly what Kim said.

  20. steve from brisbane

    Begging to differ, but I found Blogocracy a tedious bore, as it did not even provide the enjoyment of reading to be annoyed that the likes of this blog usually provides me.?I just about gave up reading it completely in the last year or so. Don`t get me wrong: I disagreed with him in similar proportion to the times I disagree with everyone here (that is, nearly always); I just find him a dull and pretty predictable writer and could never understand why he got the gig.

  21. Helen

    What Paul Walter said.

  22. adrian

    What everybody said, except steve from brisbane.

  23. cows say moo!

    Steve from Brisbane – I suspect Tim ‘got the gig’ because he was a pioneer Australian blogger who wrote well with intelligence, was analytical and never engaged in personal attacks that so much of the blogosphere rather pointlessly follows. Good on him.

  24. FDB

    Great post!

    I agree!