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6 responses to “Truthiness versus Truth II: Now with graphs!”

  1. Katz

    The US is swinging to the Left, and has been since 2004. At the same time leftists from the rest of the world will never view the US as a particularly leftist society.

    Every nation has its own history and its own myths. The myths of democratic socialism don’t graft onto the root-stock of US culture and history.

    Speaking as one of the piglets in danger of being squashed when the huge American sow rolls over, I’m just glad that she’s rolling to the left at the minute, squahing some nasty, vicious little rightist pigs and not nice little lefty piglets like us.

  2. Sacha

    For a fair part of the last 10-15 years, Republicans controlled many state legislatures and governorships. It may be instructive to examine whether they gerrymandered congressional districts leading to the claimed underrepresentation of democrats in Congress. (Of course, democratic controlled states may have done the same with the opposite intended effect.)

    There are well-known examples of this in Texas and Pennsylvania.

  3. Kim

    It’s pretty much endemic in a lot of states, Sacha, as is the practice of drawing “minority-majority” districts which in some Southern states has the effect of electing a minority of African-American congressmen and leaving the rest to the GOP most of the time.

  4. Geoff Robinson

    Voting among Southern whites suggests that without ‘majority-minority’ districts African-Americans would struggle to win Congressional representation from the South in fair numbers. Partisans on both sides do spin bad election results, but it is worse on the right, is this because many lefties deep down are pessimistic about their chances of winning popular support (ie. Bill Maher?). Defeat is expected, thus lefties can more easily rally to centre-left pragmatists, whereas many on the right really believe their ‘true America’ crap. But many of those currently wrapping themselves in the banner of fidelity to true conservative principles are playing to the base rather than actually opposing a more pragmatic turn.

  5. Mark

    I think it goes without saying that the American political context and culture (and thus the left/right distinction) is different from ours. Nevertheless, it’s still useful, I think, to combat some myths about it – and there’s significant interest from a political science/sociology point of view in doing so as well as other imperatives.

  6. Mark

    Just on white Southern voters, this post from Nate Silver is really interesting: