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6 responses to “US election: The Senate – race towards 60 Democratic seats?”

  1. Spiros

    The utterly execrable Saxby Chambliss will win, unfortunately.

    Dole is gone.

    McConnell will win.

    Cormyn will win easily.

    The convicted felon Ted Stevens will lose easily.

  2. CountArach

    I think that if Chambliss can force it to a run off in Georgia he will win. The Black Turnout will not be as large, no matter how much Obama campaigns for Martin and this will have a dampening effect IMO.

  3. Kim

    Update: Nate Silver on the final Senate polls:

    A clear favorite has been established in all but one of the 34 senate races on the ballot today. Although the Democrats remain in as strong a position in the aggregate as they have been all year, their odds of emerging with a 60-seat caucus now appear fairly long — no better than about 15 percent.

    The race where there’s no favourite is Minnesota.

  4. Ben Raue

    There’s a rule in Georgia which means that if no candidates gets over 50% they hold a runoff, so I would bet on Chambliss winning the race but having to go to a runoff, which should be interesting.

  5. Kim
  6. Kim