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4 responses to “Guest post by Andrew Crook: In a class of their own – Obama staffers and social change”

  1. Nickws

    For their part, policy wonks should be looking less at off-the-shelf responses and instead at regulations that protect and extend cultural and economic autonomy — the contours of which will inevitably emerge, with or without the input of a new band of Ivy League do-gooders

    Wot, bring back Tom Wolfe’s mau-mauing Sixties activism?

    Though seriously, I think you’re wrong to label those UAW men & women ‘Hilary’s white workers’ (though I imagine they are disproportianately white compared to the population of MoTown.)

    The spirit of Walther Reuther would still pervade the union halls in Detroit, moreso than Clintonism.

    The most interesting phenomenon regarding the high councils in Washington I have heard recently has less to do with the best-and-the-brightest, and more to do with the fact that the turnover is incredible, for appointees of all ages. None of them stay for the entire two terms (assuming the boss gets re-elected).
    Few of them stay for an entire single term.
    If one is obsessed which generational change then perhaps one should be looking at the current crop of Ivy League freshmen…

  2. Andrew Crook

    Sounds a bit like Rudd’s office — was lovely to read on the weekend that John Faulkner has ignored Obama’s example and agreed to leave a bit more cash under Alister Jordan’s pillow this year…

  3. dk.au

    Lovely post, Andrew.
    Care to be a little more specific with The Wire reference?

  4. Andrew Crook

    I guess I was trying to get at the fact that The Wire appears to be the first US TV program in a long, long time that takes society’s excluded or marginal as its central subject. Great Esquire article by The Wire’s creator David Simon on some of these themes here.