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7 responses to “Gig guide”

  1. JoshT

    Went to go see Darren Hanlon and Jeffrey Lewis at the Old Museum last night. Best show I’ve been to in a long time.

    Jeffrey Lewis is playing again at the Troub on Tuesday night, a tenner for entry. I highly recommend that people go along.

  2. Jan

    The Horn, the Eithiopian restaurant (20 Johnson St. Collingwood), has a fabulous band playing every Sunday afternoon from 5 onwards. They’re called Black Jesus Experience and seem to be a mixture of jazz and Eithiopian music. It’s great stuff. The food’s pretty good too. I’d highly recommend it to any lpers in Melb wanting somewhere to go for a cool Sunday afternoon.

  3. tigtog

    When I go out for live entertainment these days it tends to be to see comedy rather than music. Tomorrow night I’m catching Tim Minchin, so it will be both!

  4. DPDP

    Went to see the Cat Empire at the Tivoli (Brisbane) a few weeks back. They’re pretty good, and the support (Paprika Balkanicus) was a lot of fun too.

    But they’ve really got to stop with the extended solos and silly voice stuff. Everyone gets a solo, including the guy who just makes the scratching noises (!!) It’s self-indulgent, and they will lose fans because of it. Making a song last 20 minutes plus because of solos is just annoying. They’ve got great songs and a great vibe, why ruin them?

  5. Helen

    Just got back from seeing Mrs Wainwright at the Brunswick HOtel in Sydney Road. Mrs Wainwright is made up of the core duo of Trish Anderson (GIT) and the wry, witty Pete McKenna on Guitar. THey’ve got new people on bass and drums and they rocked da house.

    Check out some of their stuff at the link, especially “9 demons”.

  6. Zarquon

    I went to see Snarski vs Snarski a few weeks ago, which turned out to be mostly Mark Snarski doing his Jackson Code stuff and was fantastic. It’s a shame he only shows up once a year.

    This was the same night that Rockwiz Salutes The Bowl was broadcast and I missed it – except that now there’s this.

  7. Nick

    Zarquon, I went to the bowl and was sitting about 10m right of Judith Durham singing that, it was magical. Also very good were Glenn and Paul (yes, i’m biased, incidentally, PC, had an enjoyable chat about *you*, the other day).

    So, I in turn missed the once a year Snarski vs Snarksi, annoying, though forever in debt to Rob and the Susans for playing at my wedding. They truly helped make it a (near) perfect occasion.

    Mark, really good to read Paul Verlaine on the ‘Important Memo’ thread. It set me re-listening to possibly/probably my favourite band, The Verlaines.