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Snapshots of certain fragilities in the German economy

As the Germans struggled with GM and the USA to save Opel with, it seems, a successful deal with Canadian car parts maker Magna International done at the death, another tragedy has beset the German economy – the world’s largest […]

Lazy Sunday!

Since we don’t live by politix alone (I sincerely hope), what did people get up to this weekend? Join in, share some tales, regulars and lurkers all!

"Harmonisation"? Or callous restriction?

My co-blogger at Hoyden About Town, lauredhel, has written a post about the proposed national disabled parking scheme (to have a uniform standard between the states): CALL TO ACTIVISM – Many people with disabilities to be excluded from accessible parking […]

Swine flu here – so what should we do?

Well, it seems that swine flu has arrived for-real in Australia, with over 100 cases around the country, many of whom have caught the virus here. Children seem to be most susceptible. But most of the cases to date seem […]