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12 responses to “BrisCulture, the CPD and Eidos Institute present 'Creative Brisbane' tonight at 6pm”

  1. Andrew E

    The picture reminds me of that song Underneath the Story Bridge where a guy sings about his simple working-class upbringing there, and how it’s all changed now with sushi bars and other artefacts of deracinated yuppiedom. That said, if I was in Brisbane tonight I’d probably go. Hope it goes off and forms a solid basis for many more such.

  2. Mark

    Thanks, Andrew! It went very well!

    Some photos here:


    The event was filmed and will be uploaded to the web in due course.

    And soonish, there’ll be some reports and discussions here:


  3. Brian

    Mark, when you surface the link to the Bleeding Heart Gallery is broken. I’d really love to have a look if it can be fixed.

    Yesterday afternoon I headed west to Gatton to attend a forum of farmers and graziers who are suffering under the State Government’s moratorium on regrowth tree clearing. I short, up to half of some properties may be taken out of production with the stroke of a legislative pen, putting in jeopardy the economic unit and destroying capital value. The property owner then becomes an unpaid custodian of what is effectively a park without any compensation for loss of capital and productive capacity or of payment for the carbon sequestered and the custodial role.

    These guys realise they have to get their message across to the 2 million people who live in the SE corner, but an indifferently attended meeting in Gatton, literally on the fringe, is not even close. Seeing this post I have never been more conscious of a cultural faultline – more a gaping chasm – opening up.

  4. Mark

    Fixed the link, Brian –


  5. Mark

    Update: Some initial reflections on the evening have been posted at BrisCulture.

  6. Mark

    Update: Tony Robertson has posted his photos of last night’s event to Picasa.

  7. Danny

    When you say “The entire event was filmed” you don’t really mean someone was so determinedly retro as to capture light into a chemical emulsion medium do you? … That would be something, definitely worth celebrating in itself. I’m guessing justin wasn’t just there for the wine, so the (presumed hd video) results should be good.
    I don’t think he’ll mind if I say: For a bit of a grab bag of some of the worthier acts to have trod seq boards over the last few years, you could do worse than cast an eye and ear over his youtube channel.

  8. Mark

    No, Danny, I mean it was recorded digitally with vision and sound… obviously not my area of expertise since I don’t know the jargon! I think “filmed” captures the idea though!

  9. Sckoople

    so there you have it folks,
    welcome to the thriving bustle of Brisbane’s Creative Culture

    and they say design by committee doesn’t work…..pah πŸ˜‰

    if you are going to be the catalyst for creative change, things have to
    be more exciting than a few drinks, nibblies and talking heads,
    there needs to be a natural, geyserlike upswelling of creativity that comes from the masses, without guidance or contrivance, – e.g the hip hop scene from New York in the seventies, goth culture from the 80’s,

  10. Sckoople

    Pure creativity is like an errant teenager,
    its there when it wants to be, you can’t harness it, wrangle it
    and if you try forcing it to do your bidding, it’ll go the opposite direction

    but your intentions are good, so my hats off to you,

    good luck πŸ™‚

  11. Nabakov

    “a few drinks, nibblies”

    Well I’ve been a starving artiste in my time “without without guidance” (although heaps of contrivance) and I’m all for such bunfights. Fill up on free food, some networking and bullshitting and then trouser a bottle or two for a party later.

    And I must say I’ve never before thought of 80’s goth culture as a “natural, geyserlike upswelling of creativity”.

    I always thought it spread more like mould. Which is not a putdown.

  12. Helen

    I think he means the postpunk musical scene where people did tend to dress a bit black and if you’re quite young you might confuse the two.