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The gates of hell are open wide, with a nice fresh coat of paint in Federation colours

The A-G has just announced that after much deliberation the Government has decided we’re not going to have a national Bill of Rights. We’re going to have a Framework instead, apparently. What that would mean I’m not sure. (My guess: […]

The sun shines blue on Janet's planet

In yesterday’s Opposition Organ, Janet Albrechtsen took in on herself to warn that calls for voting reforms based on proportional representation were a sinister trick by TEH ANTI-DEMOCRATIC LEFT. I wrote a letter in response which didn’t get printed, but […]

After the dead horses, what?

As the Rudd government indulges in the usual Third Way antics of dumping on the left in preparation for an election, it cheered my mood considerably to come across this piece by John Quiggin, in which he argues the need […]