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9 responses to “Labor’s bite sized policies on mental health and disability”

  1. akn

    Kim, I think the respondents on Croakey pretty much have covered the bases of legitmate complaint with the mental health policy spending announcements. I’d add that Labor’s piecmeal approach is down to plain old disinterest in people withmental illness. Really, just couldn’t give a shit and this is reflected in their announcement. What the mentally ill need above all is stability, secuirity and human contact (trained staff). It isn’t too hard to understand that or provide it at relatively low cost in terms of capital investment.

  2. Antisthenes IV

    It’s not just the lack of a decent mental health policy. Jenny Macklin’s intention to take purchasing power away from welfare recipients across the country by extending the Northern Territory scheme to ‘undeserving postcodes’ will add to the stigma and lack of self-esteem that accompanies a diagnosis of mental illness.

    Both major parties have the gall to talk up a fair go while continually undermining the most vulnerable in our community.

  3. Robert Merkel

    I dunno whether it’s offtopic for this thread, but I think we have reached the apex of bite size policy. Check the Liberals and their “crime prevention policy”.

    No, this isn’t the teaser flyer. This is the whole policy.

  4. Mindy

    Tony Abbott plans to do exactly the same thing to people on the dole. Half their payments will be quarantined for rent and food and bills. I’m not sure how you make half a dole payment stretch over all those things. Find somewhere incredibly cheap to stay and don’t have electricity, gas or phone I’m guessing.

  5. tssk

    Security patrols? By the police private guards or volunteer citizen details.

  6. Robert Merkel

    More broadly, mental health, or emergency care, are only parts of the health system.

    Labor actually has a story to tell here about their health and hospitals strategy. But they’ve decided the marginal seat voters can’t grasp the big picture.

  7. su

    On the disability insurance scheme, it was referred to the Productivity Commission in April and they are due to report back in April next year from memory. Gillard has committed to implement this “if feasible”. I don’t hold out much hope of that, I expect returning the budget to surplus will take precedence. I very much hope I am proved wrong because it is absolutely urgent that the disability service sector is reformed. I have been waiting for over a year for behavioural support and have just been fobbed off again. Meanwhile I watch people who have the same condition as my younger son being sent to jail because noone can handle their behaviour appropriately.