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10 responses to “CPD post: Cox on the Coalition’s parental leave plan”

  1. Zoe

    Because of the important health issue of breastfeeding, I back the mother’s pay clause rather than either/or – it does seem to me to be more important that the mother stay home, both for her and for her child, as the longer breastfeeding can go on, if it is feasible for the mother, the better it is for her longterm health and for the baby’s. And on the question of when the scheme starts, I understood the Coalition was bringing in the Labor plan as per Labor’s schedule and then bringing in the longer one later. I have looked for information to the contrary – have you seen something that contradicts that?

  2. BigBob


    To help pay for their scheme, the Coalition has decided to axe the ALP’s scheme altogher and to delay the start of their scheme.

  3. BigBob

    Which, on past evidence for the Coalition, means it probably wouldn’t happen then either.

  4. Spana

    I have been amused during this debate at how sections of the left have twisted themselves in knots trying to attack Abbott’s scheme just because it came from Abbott. We have Abbott promising a far more generous scheme for a longer time than the ALP and furthermore Abbott is hitting big business for the cost of it. Even Bob Brown applauded.

    In response Gillard has gone in to defend Big Business and sided with Coles and Woolworths while offering a far less generous scheme. The left knows Abbott’s scheme is better though not perfect but it won’t admit it.

    If the ALP had come out with Abbott’s scheme the left would be cheering it on.

  5. paul walter

    Spana, the idea is they have to get reelected first.
    Then you can cherry pick anything the opposition offered that looks likely, at your leisure, with a parliamentary majority behind you to back you up.

  6. Helen

    There’s no need to tie oneself in knots to point out that a scheme may have some good features and some bad features.
    The extremely regressive nature of the Liberal scheme is not a good feature.

  7. tssk

    Razor you have a good point. I think the issue is that we don’t believe for a moment that Abbott’s leave plan would last a week once they are re-elected.

    But then we would think that wouldn’t we. Well we’ll get to see once he’s in power.

  8. Mindy

    Taxing the miners will hurt everyone, say the millionaire mining company owners whose tax is going to fund part of Labor’s scheme. Taxing Coles and Woolies will hurt everyone as everyone has to buy groceries that will go up in price as the tax is passed on to fund the Liberal’s scheme. See the difference Spana?

  9. tssk

    Notice that Coles and Woolies aren’t running anti Liberal adverts. They aren’t protesting.

    Know why? Because they know it won’t happen!

  10. Zoe

    Big Bob – are you sure they have axed it; the campaign stuff says not. Where have you seen that they are?