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2 responses to “Guest post by Justin Barbour: Disunity and leaks”

  1. jane

    The decision to roll Rudd was, and still is, idiotic. I still don’t understand what they were thinking, but I do know they have to stop sabotaging their chances of re-election.

    If the leaks are genuinely coming from within the parliamentary party, Gillard has to track the leakers down and give them the bollocking of a lifetime. The threat of dis-endorsement should be dangled over the offenders’ treacherous heads.

    However, I still haven’t discounted a Godwin Grech type in the PS. If I were Gillard I’d also be conducting a witch hunt in the ranks of senior public servants.

    If the leaker is in the ranks, he/she should be hung out to dry along with their political affiliation, which would have the twofold effect of sucking the lifeblood out of the Smuggles Set.

  2. anonymous

    Justin barbour proclaimed on his twitter only a month ago that he’ll be ‘proud’ to vote for the liberal party. undecided voter my ass.