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7 responses to “Quick link: Why phoning the President of Nauru is a bad idea”

  1. p.a.travers

    Andrew Bartlett also visited Nauru,when no other politician had,if my memory serves me.Perhaps he is the only one worthy to make a statement in Parliament,if he makes it as a Green Candidate.

  2. Wozza

    A gynaecologist doing psychological assessments is pretty well bound to get it right of course.

    Anyway, East Timor is going to be a lot better. An even poorer country, with fewer resources, and a facility constructed by the Government that has made such a success of constructing school toilets and house roofs.

    A little less, shall we say, obviousness in the partisan bias might make posts like this more convincing, hmm?

  3. rumrebellious

    I might be mistaken, but I thought Kerry Nettle got deported from Nauru?

    Finally, some decent reporting.

    Wozza, if its a battle for poorness between East Timor and Nauru, Nauru wins hands down. At least East Timor can still sell rock wealth and rustle up an army. Nauru can do neither, and technically Australia is responsible for its defense.

    Until the early 2000’s or maybe even late 90’s, Nauruans used to get medical treatment at the Brisbane Royal Hospital until they stopped being able to pay their bills and these days the hospital will no longer treat them. And this country has one of the highest diabetes rates in the world.

  4. Wozza

    I wasn’t actually expecting non-partisanship, Kim. This is LP. I was merely pointing out that Nauru bad, East Timor well let’s not mention the war, is a bit obvious to convince anyone non-partisan.

    Though this blog I suppose does largely exist to talk to itself.

    My partner is a psychologist. The bane of her life is clients referred to her from other parts of the medical system with “psychological assessments” attached which are complete crap, have to be redone, and have resulted in treatment delays detrimental to the client’s health. The average gynaecologist is unlikely to be able to make much better in the way of psychological assessment than you or I, at least if I take what I hear daily as a basis for judgment.

  5. James T

    That’s fair, Wozza, it’s not like she cited any mental health professionals or institutions or the like in her article to back her up. Best to chuck this one in the memory hole and pretend it never happened.

  6. Ken Lovell

    Wozza you might want to go read the article before making yourself look foolish. DeCosta did not make any ‘psychological assessments’ of anybody nor did she purport to be able to.

    DeCosta reported the following factual information:

    [B]y November 2002 Dr Martin Dormaar, the psychiatrist employed in the camp, had resigned in despair at the failure of the International Organisation for Migration and the Howard government to respond to his concerns at the level of psychiatric illness developing among detainees.

    After his departure the situation only grew worse: numerous organisations including Oxfam and the Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists reported high levels of mental illness and the lack of mental health services for detainees on Nauru.

    These are statements of fact that speak for themselves. The occupation of the person reporting them is entirely beside the point.

    DeCosta also reports she ‘personally noted significant psychiatric symptoms among women I cared for.’ You might care to ask your partner to explain the difference between a ‘psychological assessment’ and ‘noting psychiatric symptoms’. See, even at LP you can learn new things.