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4 responses to “The tax debate we’re sort of having”

  1. Matt C

    Apologies if self-promotion is considered poor form, but I have also posted about the Henry review’s proposed structure for personal income tax: http://mattcowgill.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/the-henry-review-an-economists-manifesto/

  2. Mindy

    Check out Grog on why we don’t need a receipt and what you can get for free already on the internet.

  3. Pip

    Well said Mindy, Grogs Gamut is worth a daily read.

  4. Mervyn Jacobi

    I wish that people would get it into their head that a higher tax to high incomes ie 66.6% on about $450,000 would fix most of the trouble that has been caused by the lowering that tax since 1970 has done, unfortunately, the mad rush to export those non-restorable, non-value-added coal and iron ore and other mined non restorables and getting the payment for them with the goods – clothing, tools, and those other goods we used to manufacture here, does not make any sense, it destroyes our manufacturing and our industries, and has taken away the employment from our workers.