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9 responses to “43rd Parliament Roundtable”

  1. Sam

    Eva Cox has provided a useful guide

    Now, that, is an oxymoron.

  2. Wozza

    Sort of with you Sam, though I think the real oxymoron is “a useful guide in Crikey”.

  3. Fine

    V. interesting. Labor put up Peter Slipper against the Coalition candidate and Slipper won. Looks like he might be adhering to the pairing agreement as well. looks like Gillard has outplayed Abbott again.

    In other pairing news, the Coalition wasn’t allowing Crean to address the National Press Club. Labor put out a press release about it and now the Coalition has changed its mind. Could be that Abbott is already starting to overreach himself in his effort to humiliate Gillard.

  4. Paul Burns

    Could be Abbott is going to be humiliated on a daily basis. Every time he refuses a pair that would usually be granted Labor puts out a press release. If ever a pollie has the opposites’s measure one can only conclude Julia has Tony over a barrel. She better watch out. He mightn’t last long like this. Methinks this parlt might be a joy to watch.

  5. Sam

    Abbott’s problem is that he only knows one way to do things, and that is go in swinging like a punch drunk, washed up boxer.

    Whereas Gillard is more inclined to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

  6. Tom R

    I’d imagine that any Qld Labor MP told “We’re voting for Anna B.” would run screaming from the chamber. Fortunately for Gillard there are only a handful of them…

  7. Fran Barlow

    Here’s some fun:

    The Weekly Times, country Independents, Farmers and ex Nats leader all call on Liberals to stop supporting extreme-left anti-farmer Greens party

    The Liberal-National Coalition in Victoria – the formation of which is probably leader Ted Baillieu’s most substantial political achievement – is under pressure because of the city-dominated Liberal party’s practice of electing members of the extreme-left anti-farmer Greens political party.

    The Liberals recently helped elect avowed Marxist Adam Bandt in the federal seat of Melbourne. Shortly after his election, Bandt can be seen on Morry Schwartz’s Slow TV favourably quoting a Marxist social theorist about the end of capitalism:

    “(Cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek) also said, when looking at the ideology of climate change, Why is it easier for us to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism? Now, you don’t need to be a Marxist like he is to understand the import of what he’s saying. He’s saying the way of doing business as usual has become the new real and it’s impossible to think outside it – and I think we need to talk about everything.

    Let the games begin …

  8. Tom R

    Ken Wyatt speaking as a member of the Stolen Generation. I am absolutely intrigued how he ended up as a parliamentary candidate for the West Australian Liberal Party. Standing for Ted Baillieu’s Libs in Victoria, maybe, or Barry O’Farrell’s in NSW… but to be endorsed by the same State division that gave us Wilson Tuckey?!

    Having said that, gain Wyatt/ lose Tuckey is a definite improvement in quality for the WA Libs.

    I’m very, very interested to hear Ken Wyatt’s views on the NT Intervention. And isn’t his nephew a State Labor MP?

  9. Tom R

    Me own question answered, sort of:

    ‘… Including indigenous Australians in the Constitution would be symbolic but no less important for that. Evidence for this came this week when the first indigenous member of the House of Representatives, the Liberals’ Ken Wyatt, gave his first speech, standing “before you as an equal”. He paid an emotional tribute to Rudd for another symbolic act, his apology to the Stolen Generations, which included Wyatt’s mother.

    ‘Wyatt described the apology as “a powerful instrument in the healing of both our people and our nation”. Acknowledging the original inhabitants in the nation’s highest legal document would be a further step towards reconciliation, righting the wrongs of being ignored in the Constitution and of being discriminated against when it was drawn up…”

    – Mike Steketee, “Into the too-hard basket: A simple yes or no campaign won’t suffice for constitutional changes”, Weekend Australian (2-3 October 2010).

    Still even more curious about how Ken Wyatt ended up in the party of Tuckey and Richard Court, instead of in the party of Brian B-… Oh. Right.