And then there were five

Now we know why Julie Bishop said there were five Independents in the House of Representatives on Insiders yesterday: WA National Tony Crook has announced that he won’t be joining the Nationals party room and will sit on the cross benches as an Independent.

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15 responses to “And then there were five”

  1. Austin

    The last thread of the Abbott mandate gone (i.e. won more seats)?

  2. Fine

    Perhaps Crook would like to be Speaker? No, that would be too hard.

  3. Paul Burns

    Well, he says he’s an Independent, but my bet is he will almost always vote with the Coalition. Or maybe he was just lonely when he sat in the National’s Party room.

  4. joe2

    “The last thread of the Abbott mandate gone (i.e. won more seats)?”

    Julie knew about the 5 independents scenario but still runs the line that her team had the most votes(see below). We might expect ‘big lie business as usual’ by Abbott @co and most likely the msm, will not pick them up on it.

    But Ms Bishop said a new paradigm in AFL, like the new parliament, was possible.
    “Imagine – the Collingwood and St Kilda captains, instead of tossing a coin, would negotiate on how to make the game a kinder and gentler experience.” she said.

    “At the first bounce the players would all rush together for a group hug.

    “And at the end of time the independents, I mean the umpires, would grab the ball and kick an extra goal for the team who got the lowest score.”

  5. wilful

    joe2, as that excerpt show, Bishop really doesn’t do snark very well. She needs to leave it to the experts, like Gillard.

  6. patrickg

    I have to confess I had a malicious chuckle at this, remembering Warren Truss not three weeks ago on QandA, angrily proclaiming that Crook counts as coalition despite sitting on the cross benches because “he’s in the party room!”

    Suck shit.

  7. patrickg
  8. FDB

    Well I certainly feel like my public interest has been well served.

  9. FDB


    Wrong thread sorry.

  10. Zombie Mao

    This Tony Crook ‘Independent’ thing is a joke. The entirety of the WA National Party is funded heavily by Clive Palmer. Already the state leader, Brendan Grylls is already in a bit of hot water over his connections with Clive.

    Tony Crook is simply the member for Mineralogy Group.

  11. jane

    @10, he seems to want to distance himself from the Smuggles Set, though.

  12. hannah's dad

    “And then there were five…”

    Can I slip [*cough*/hint] in the suggestion that there is a slight possibility there may be six?

  13. Jacques Chester

    There’ll be more. The marginal return on tactical cartel-breaking has never been higher.

  14. Fascinated

    [email protected] Do we think a certain gentleman from the far north has been waiting rather quietly for Lord Weasel and the Wicked Wabbits to show their true colours? Will he turn up for all that confected ferocity or find he truly has better things to do for his constituents.

  15. Gerrit H. Schorel-Hlavka

    All politicians should represent their respective electorate rather then to follow like sheep the party leader, as after all that is why they were elected!