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11 responses to “Andrew Leigh pollie-blogging”

  1. J

    This is terrible blogging now that he’s partisan. I hope he loses the next election so that he can become a credible voice again.

  2. Diogenes

    Somehow I can’t see Tony Abbott will be interested in reading Andrew Leigh’s opinion piece for 28/9/10 titled “Working Together”.

  3. Guido

    While I hope he stays an MP for a long time, usually blogs of politicians from mainstream parties are not that interesting. They become de facto press releases for the party they belong to. Which is understandable. Imagine the media storm that would ensue if an MP blogger disagreed with a decision taken by their party.

  4. Tom R

    Well, that’s going to google-bomb Andrew Fraser’s web profile.

  5. pablo

    Thanks LP for pointing me in the direction of Andrew’s new blog – I have been lamenting the loss of the old one. But I echo other comments in the hope that Andrew will get back to some substance even if it gets up the noses of the party whips and factional bosses. If you’re listening Andrew, give it a red hot go.

  6. Fran Barlow

    I just nipped over there for a look.

    There’s 20 minutes I’ll never get back and can’t justify having spent.

  7. Labor Outsider

    He wants to be a minister eventually and isn’t going to do anything to jeopardise that. Remember, he has no power base in the party. So, all getting up the noses of the faction bosses, whips and the leadership would achieve is accelerating the end of his career. What would be the point of that?

  8. J

    Labor Outsider: He should never have entered the parliament in the first place.

  9. Paul Burns

    Jeezuz! What a disappointment. Where’s the dirt? I worry about a Labor member of parliament who thinks the Opposition are nice guys. They’re Liberals and Nats, FFS!

  10. Sam

    Leigh is much too nice and accommodating to succeed in politics. He’ll be chewed up and spat out in next to no time, leaving him a bloody, heaving mess curled up in the foetal position, crying for his mother.

    And that will be his colleagues in the Labor Party.

  11. Wood Duck

    Having had a look at “the blog” and read the profile in Saturday’s SMH, it appears to me that A. Leigh might see himself as a special member of the Labor Party who will be allowed to make it up as he goes – a sort of Labor Rob Oakshott. He might be in for a shock.