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19 responses to “Lazy Sunday!”

  1. jane

    Just painted a very satisfying sky and if I work all day tomorrow, I may even finish the painting.

    Blogged a bit, mounted a canvas board ready to be framed. Also a bargain at the op shop for a whole 75c. I love a bargain.

    Test drove my new printer, an Epson, a breed I haven’t used before. More complicated to drive than the pixma which popped its clogs last Thursday.

    I may have to reprint my 4×6 photos because the new printer has coughed up much darker and redder prints. Sigh! i guess I’ll have to study the instructions.

  2. akn

    Went to the wedding of a surviving member of the now old ‘new left’. Good God almighty what a night. Dancing and other activities previously barred by the Minto morals committee. As a consequence today I’ve made three separate starts to the day and none of them what you’d call effective. At this point in life weddings and funerals are often where you meet people again or anew and I’ve acquired a date and a phone number for next weekend but appear to have lost a few things like keys and um, err, aaah whatever.

  3. David Irving (no relation)

    I’m just enjoying the best dry martini evah! (made with Hendicks gin – who would’ve thought it would make so much difference?) and listening to this while I prepare dinner.

    Life just doesn’t get any better.

  4. Fascinated

    only daughter engaged, happy, overseas, great bloke…….freeee.

  5. Quog

    It’s my birthday and my husband bought me a Wii, so spent some time setting that up and *cough* testing out a few games *cough*. Otherwise we spent the day in the garden attacking the weeds, and I’m now enjoying a nice glass of Chardonnay while hubby is cooking me a birthday dinner.

  6. drsusancalvin

    I see Malcolm Farr has been busy this weekend at the Tele. The headline currently adorning his latest investigative/analytical expose on the Prime Minister’s move into the Lodge is “Julia moves in with rubbish”. His profile does mention he “is one of the nation’s most influential (and interesting) political commentators.” Save us.

  7. terangeree

    I managed to kill two old computers over the weekend — one of them shorted the power points for the north side of the house in the process.

    Helped the brother in his attempts to set up a wireless network between his desktop and his laptop — it turns out the problem lies in a faulty $5.00 LAN cable.

    Still no operating network, but at least he’s got one of his confusers connected to the everpresent electronic fishing utensil.

    Got a new printer, too — for free.

    Started packing for the next trip up north.

  8. Helen
  9. Helen

    Also wrote this one into the songbook – transcribing by hand helps lock the lyrics in my head.

  10. Salient Green

    Lovely wife and me went for a walk to see where all the frog noises were coming from. There’s a small wetland a few Km down the road where the manmade levee banks end. Last time we walked that way the wetland was dry due to the drought. The increased flows down here in the lower Murray have filled wetlands which have been dry, and frogless, for several years.

    Interesting to see a large number of young Gum trees which would have germinated as the water dried up and they are now growing in water. I hope they survive.

    What’s really amazing, and a little disturbing, is the distance the willows have marched out from the manmade banks. They have narrowed the river a good 50 metres,leaving behind them a shallow wetland made from silt which has deposited amongst the roots. The good thing is that a lot of the willows die in that area and redgums are taking their place but if we get a really good flow down here it must increase the likelihood of flooding.

    Not happy about the mossies but it’s lovely to hear the frogs again.

  11. Paul Burns

    Spent most of the day taking notes from Jacqueline Barbara Carr’s After the Siege – A Social History of Boston 1775-1780. Have also started re-reading Gary B. Nash’s The Unknown American Revolution, which is a good read if you want to remind yourself how revolutionary the American Revolution truly was, and why it wasn’t even more revolutionary, if you know what I mean.
    Note taking is boring and late afternoon I controlled the temptation to watch a DVD or two. (Was thinking of Gladiator, Spartacus or Dr. Zhivago. And have, in the past week, finally watched all of The Tudors series. Not too bad. Wished it had gone on to further series looking at Edward and Mary at least. Elizabeth has probably been done to death, and really, we do need a cinematic experience to replace The Prince and the Pauper.)

  12. dylwah

    lived up to my drinkers moniker this weekend. the subsequent damage has reminded me that i am not . . . (insert fav drinking age here) anymore. frankly, i don’t think that i deserve it or even wish for it anymore.

    toodle pip

  13. Paul Norton

    I rode the train from Sydney to Melbourne in a carriage which filled up with school-aged children, their younger sublings and parents on school holiday travels. This experience (a) enhanced my admiration of the patience, forbearance and imagination of parents of children in these demographics and (b) diminished any residual longing I might have had to become such a parent myself.

  14. Helen

    It’s like putting your toe into cold water Paul. It gets easier with time. Otherwise all parents would be completely batshit.

  15. Helen

    Ooh, look, Paul (Burns). Time to make your fortune!

  16. wilful

    Went to see the penguins parade down phillip island. Awesome, except the little buggers were late, and the two year old really can’t stand to be up that late.

    Churchill island is a bit of a treat, really nicely done. Except dora the frigging explorer was there, which got the four year old more excited than anything else.

  17. Paul Burns

    PN @ 13,
    School buses are just as bad, Thinking about it, probably worse, since the little buggers are virtually unsupervised, (The last bus each day from Armidale CBD back to my side of town turns into a school bus, sort of. If I can help it, I never catch it. Would rather pay for a taxi home.) And we were all like that once. 🙂

  18. BilB
  19. j_p_z

    I was looking around on the web for some information about the printmaker Kenneth Tyler, and I came across the website for the National Gallery in Canberra. Wow. That place looks utterly spectacular. Awesome website, too. And they have a dedicated Kenneth Tyler gallery — check out the page, with the ingenious revolving display wall.

    Pretty great. So… why on earth are you reading this blog right now?! Why aren’t you over at your amazing National Gallery instead?!

    Where are your priorities?! 🙂