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37 responses to “Lazy Sunday!”

  1. Jacques de Molay

    Happy Birthday to my mum 🙂

  2. James R

    I spent Friday night at a club I didn’t particularly enjoy, Saturday night having a Doctor Who marathon, and right now I’m listening to Miles Davis’ Dark Magus album.

  3. terangeree

    Happy Birthday to Jacques’ mum.

    Spent the day recovering from a dramatic week which was dominated by a long-distance argument with the newly-beloved and marked by an accidental proposal (which she rejected in the nicest possible way).

    Slept in until 1pm.

    Watched a movie.

    Avoided the long-neglected housework.

    I think I might be able to go north again for a weekend in December.

  4. Geoff T

    Mostly just completing last EVER essay for my BA. Just some proofreading to complete (largely done by a good mate of mine!), some tweaking at the referencing, and then I’m done!… A glass of wine is in order me thinks!

  5. p.a.travers

    No newly beloved here.Got up this morning to vertical feet wise to see a sort of sunny day one would expect at this time of year.As soon as the rubber boots were on off I marched to get the cattle cow in so three calves could have a feed.Standing around menacing with a bit of a hose if she consistently kicked the calves.Read some pages of Insect Physiology V.B. Wigglesworth Methuen Co. Reprinted 1961.Looking up references on uric acid..had a vague idea about the use of urea to dry out wet paddocks.Apparently uric acid crystalises in insects and reflects light.The thought was use dry crystals and use it as a base to heat further or electrify so the soil hardens.Very vague.On phone now must stop.

  6. terangeree

    @ 5: When the feet are vertical, doesn’t that mean that the rest of you is horizontal?

  7. su

    Sad Sunday. Inclusion is an illusion.

  8. Liam

    Three nil! I’ve been telling everyone who’d listen Necevski should play.

  9. dexitroboper

    last 2 weeks: via tania at raval, georgia fields, the bon scotts at raval, @theaudreys at 3rrr, mirah at the red rattler, gb3 with steve kilbey at the vanguard yayyyyyyyy (wish it wasn’t just me, but)

  10. Fascinated

    Congrats Geoff T – well done on the last essay – one day I’ll post the message.
    Adult daughter reports her visit to first gridiron game in the US – a rare cultural experience from all accounts.
    The avatar is asleep under the desk, I’m watching Ironman 2 with share house friends, violent. Mickey Rourke plays bad very well. One scary dude.

  11. Chookie

    Popped out to check a car price for my Mum.

    Mum was in her 15yo Mazda 121 last week, waiting to turn right from a major road. She happened to look in her rear-vision mirror and saw a semi barreling towards her, so she floored it. Semi caught up with her a block later, and wrote off her car. Mum’s injuries: a bruised toe. If she hadn’t looked, I’d be pricing coffins rather than cars!

  12. Lefty E

    We welcomed a new little one Friday, here at Keating Towers: our second daughter.

    Fad saol agat, mo chuisle.

  13. Fran Barlow

    Saw Suzuki and Flannery tonight at the SOH for my 28th Anniversary with hubby. Brilliant. I suspect the wrong crowd was there however.

    Chocolate at Guylian after. Very nice.

  14. Pavlov's Cat

    Lefty E, congratulations!

  15. Fine

    Congratulations to all at Keating Towers.

  16. brett coster

    Congrats to all at Keating Towers. I spent much of weekend building PC for my daughter the twoth so she can get her fashion degree back on track after a thymus-ectomy interrupted semester.

    Rest of weekend spent either on trains and busses (4 hours all told due to track works between Camberwell/Burnley) or testing software due to be delivered to client tomorrow. Someone’s dreaming and must be told.

  17. hannah's dad

    Care to give a bit of a summary of Suzuki/Flannery?

    Lefty E
    Congrats to all the lefties concerned.

    Here at our ‘new’ old lagoon we have just farewelled our latest round of guests who have come to check it out, canoe on it, count pelicans, throw hannah her ball [and then repeat], consume alcohol and generally regroup and shake off the detritus of ‘civilization’, although they did complain a little about the cold, they came from QLD you see, funny people up there.
    More guests coming next weekend.

  18. paul walter

    Congrats, Lefty E and your lady.
    You read like the sort of bloke who would be a good dad and particularly for daughters.

    1. tigtog

      Yes, congratulations to the Lefty Es!

      Quiet weekend here – a bit of faffing about with errands etc on Saturday, then the rain set in and the DVD marathons began.

  19. Liam

    Congraulations Izquierdista.

  20. bmitw

    Spent Sunday watching a DVD of “Jane Eyre” with William Hurt as Rochester and also net surfing to find out more about the US college system.

    My second son has received an offer to go over there as a footballer and study but I am unsure how the system works re transfers from a smaller college to a big uni after 2 years so if anyone does know about this stuff I would love to hear. We need to get our skates on if it is going to go ahead.

  21. bmitw

    And congrats to all with happy announcements!

  22. dylan agh

    congrats to the Keating Towers cabal.

    was cast from my shift at the big box hardware store sausage sizzle due to a leaking nose and gummy lungs. muchus moollla rased for the tackkers Kinder.

    still working thro first year Psych. so much interesting info and such boring assessment tasks. ah well, only the exam to go.

    harvesting parsnips, beetroot, carrots, broad beans, green leaves galore, spring onions and weeds. the tomatoes and peas have started to set fruit, strawbs are under siege from little fingers. corn, wheat, sunflowers, zucs, squash and pumpkins have poked their heads above ground, still waiting on the watermelons. teh celuraic has not worked, better luck next year. the hail trashed our plums and peaches.

  23. Paul Burns

    Congrats to all at Keating Towers.
    Saturday. Did final rewrite of chapter 2 after finishing note-taking from Hunter bio. e-mailed it off to a colleague of mine who is bit of an expert on Gov. Jihn Hunter. Await her comments with trepidation. Saturday night watched TV. Now it really is the end of The Bill. Is Spooks an acceptible substitute? [Sighs.]
    Sunday. Mostly taking notes on Halifax. Nova Scotia, c. 1776, and Virginia, 1776 froim Naval Documents of the American Revolution. Impatiently waiting for last books on Boston to arrive this week so I can read etc, and get on with writing chapters 6 and 7. Rearing to go.

  24. Fran Barlow

    yes … my warmest regards Lefty E on the new arrival …

    On Suzuki,I was always going to be impressed. He is a fabulous speaker in didactic mode — someoen who really has that rare ability to be both a scientist and not a remote boffin. It’s hard not to like him, and obviously, much of what he says are sentiments I’d strongly endorse. At times I felt that the things he was saying had been borrowed from my posts, but Hubby added: well pretty much everyone thinks that. Sadly, that’s a gross exaggeration, but I took comfort in it nonetheless.

    He spoke with passion and erudition on the ascent of humanity and the role of human cognition in elevating our species to pre-eminence overr the others and yet stressed that we are nevertheless not separate from the biosphere but indissolubly connected with it. There was a great moment when he spoke of the elemetn argon which would pass from the lungs and then lips of Tim Flannery and be shared with the entire assembled hall within about 15 minutes, and then within about a year, with the rest of humanity. he suggested that indeed, that would go backwards and forwards in time, meaning that we would also be sharing it with the creatures that didn’t survive K-T, with Julius Caesar and Joan of Arc and with all who came after us. It was a nice moment.

    He spoke also of the ways culture affects how we view the natural world — either as a resource to be exploited or as part of ourselves and went on to make a point both about the slavish obsession over “growth” and the kowtowing before the gods of the market, who, like demons of yore, had to be appeased so as to get them off our backs.

    He spoke movingly of his relationship with his dying (now dead) father and of how little his father was concerned with the artefacts of consumer society and made a more general point about how poor the market, as a purely human contrivance, was at valuing things that were significant to us all. Invited by an influx of money into Vancouver, he had, he told us, received an invitation to “buy up” in the housing market, and had been invited to list the things that might make his home morer valuable. he listed the fact that his children and parents had lived in the same place for 35 years, and that the ashes of his close relatives were scattered under a cherry tree in his front yard, and the places in the house where significant family events had taken place. There could surely have been few dry eyes in the house when he noted that these things were of no value in the market at all, but of inestimable value to him. It occurred to me that the wrong crowd was at this event.

    He also addressed population pressure as a driver of the problems we face. Here I was inclined to disagree with him, but he nevertheless put matters in an interesting way. he covered the exponential growth of the population of our species and invited us to consider a test tube where a single bacterium was inserted onto a medium and allowed to divide. Assuming that through cell division that the bacteria would double in mass every minute and completely consume all of the medium and the space in the tube in one hour, he invited us to reflect on how long it would have been when the tube was only half full. Plainly, on this curve, 59 minutes. A quarter full? 58 minutes. In fact at about 55 minutes the tube would only have been about 3% full and the opponents of growth would have been derided as scaremongering if they’d suggested there were a problem. He invited us to consider what, if at 59 minutes, the problem had been accepted by the bacteria they ought to have done. We need a new test tube! they might have said. At this rate, how many?. One, then two, then four every minute of course. He noted that our test tube — the biosphere of the Earth would be, if the Earth were the size of a basketball, in relative terms about as large as the coat of polyurethane on its surface. Nice point. Humanity isn’t doubling in size every minute of course, but the point stands. There are no further test tubes.

    He spoke also of the campaign of disinformation on Climate Change run by the Fossil Fuel lobby and the complete lack of progress since 1988 when it seemed as if we were closer to agreement on these matters than we are now.

    He finished on a hopeful note, saying that nature can surprise us, and not only in a bad way. We need to ensure that our governments and our communities rethink what we are doing and treat the biosphere as if it were indeed part of us and us of it, and that if we did, there was still room to hope to avoid disaster. I suppose one has to say that, and it would be nice to think he is right.

    It was an interesting way to spend my 28th anniversary!

  25. Casey

    I went to the book launch of the Selected Poems of Dorothy Hewett edited by her luminous daughter Kate Lilley and launched by the other illuminata, Gail Jones. They were/are all dazzling. Gosh we have some fine women writers and poets in this country and that family is just extraordinary.

    Then, this morning Casey rescued a Pomeranian puppy in the middle of a busy road by simply parking my car and blocking the traffic on one side and running down the road on the other. I caught the little baby who was coughing hysterically in fright and left her at the friendly vet that was conveniently in the street near where Casey arrested the traffic. Sparky has now been reunited wither her owner and Casey who got yelled at by a bunch of irate drivers doesn;t care and a hex on them, cause Sparky is all that matters. Still Casey marvels how Sparky made it, having watched her run under a moving car and come out the side.

  26. Casey

    Congratulations on your baby girl Lefty E!

  27. Mindy

    Congratulations Lefty E and partner. What does the eldest think?

    Glad to hear your Mum is okay Chookie, sounds like an unpleasant experience altogether.

  28. Fine

    Good on you Casey. Sparky will be sending you good, witchy vibes.

    I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. This time the dog was called Spunky. (Perhaps the two of them should meet up.) He escaped his elderly owner and was cavorting in Chapel St, in peak hour traffic. It took me, the poor owner and some very sweet kids on the way to school 20 minutes to corner the little bugger. But, we did. He wasn’t the slightest bit chastened, but obviously had been having the adventure of a lifetime. His owner put some coffee money on my tab at my local cafe, which was very sweet.

  29. j_p_z

    Congrats to la famille LE, and also happy anniversary to FB. Ad multos annos.

    There’s an indoor bocce court inside the bar where I sit typing this as I wait for my taxi. Heh. People are zany. May they remain so.

  30. Paul Burns

    Many years ago my whippet apparently ran under the front of a moving car and out from under the back of it. I didn’t see it, but a mate of mine did. She made it home slightly bruised and lay shocked on a bean-bag she was not normally allowed on for two days, during which time my ginger cat paid out on her mercilessly, probably because the little girl quite liked the attention of being fed by hand once she felt well enough to eat again. The vet said I couldn’t do anything but let her rest and recover. Once recovered, and totally unchastened she said, “I told you I was fast,” or words to that effect. But it was still a bit of a worry.
    Good work, Casey and Fine.

  31. Chookie

    Congratulations to the Keating Towers clan on the new Leftist!

  32. FDB

    Props to all the animal-rescuers, baby-havers and vegetable-gardeners.


  33. Laura

    Congratulations Lefty E. Very great news.

  34. Fascinated

    Lefty E: Hope all safe, sound and resting ahead of minimal restless nights. Well done.

  35. Lefty E

    Its all in my new tell-all book, ‘Keating Towers Rising’. Read on, as I drag out all the gags and lines you thought you’d tired of by 2007, under the guise of reflective elder statesmen elitist!

    Yeah but no but: thanks all for your kind words. Its a very special time, and she’s a little sweetie, already comprehensibly human at 3 days of age: bring love, succor, movement, cry if stuff is wrong.

    Only she hasnt yet realised that night and day go the other way round.

    Ms LE was an absolute champ. Elder Miss LE hyped silly, in love, and a bit unsettled, all at once.

  36. Nick

    Congrats, Lefty E 🙂 That’s awesome.