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26 responses to “Lazy Sunday!”

  1. Fiona Reynolds

    Did my tax return. Now for the wait.

  2. Pavlov's Cat

    Washed the electric blanket (yes I know, it’s a miracle), cleaned out the fridge, changed the cat litter, cleaned the bathroom, cut up and binned about a third of the massive branch of flowering bottle-brush that fell in the wind the other day onto the fence, the trellis, the irises and the climbing rose, wrote two paragraphs, read an Honours thesis for examination and half a novel for review, and am still feeling guilty.

  3. terangeree

    Yet to do my tax return.

    Agreed to the neighbours’ request to dig a drainage ditch on my side of the fence in an attempt to stop their under-the-house from flooding during rain.

    Discovered that the Japanese newly-beloved hasn’t the faintest idea as to how to make Yorkshire Pudding.

    Was happy that those in charge of the coal mine at Macalister have decided to not send anyone any coal for a while, as their decision meant that I did not have to go to Toowoomba yesterday, sleep there overnight and drive a train back today.

    So I manage to get two days off of work instead of one.

  4. Eric Sykes

    mowed the lawn, cleaned the whole house – icluding mopping the floors…then relaxed a little to Rienhold Friedl and his prepared piano (nice)..http://www.reinhold-friedl.de/

    then we went for a walk thru the local reserve (a pity that brisbane city council has decided to allow new and decidedly crappy appartments right next to it)

    roast chook with tattie and turnip mash for dinner and then i am intending to settle down to the Secret in Their Eyes DVD later tonite once the kids have finished their after dinner piano practice and headed for the land of nod….

  5. p.a.travers

    Put a fridge door back on.Played around with a new drill,and finally decided,I must re-use all the old throw away razors I have kept,for some practical uses.So they can be taped to a curry powder cylindrical container,mustard tin or curry tin,Nature’s Cuppa tin,and ,bingo, your luck is in. Can hold small repair items.Drilling a hole up the top of them means they can be hooked onto a small nail. Methinks they might be useful with mobile phones if you needed an extension. Can be melded onto almost anything too. Continued to dream up new uses for old tech. Actually Saturday,I thought old steam trains could be used as water filtration systems and as a water fountain,blowing water in a park somewhere than steam. If the Bridge over the Clarence ,a new bridge needs to built,then the present bridge would need to set the flow of the river away from the construction. To do that I thought might be a very useful idea anyway. That is,in relationship to minimal waters in the Murray they have been pulsing the water. Holding it back and setting up flushing waves. The Clarence could be served regularly by a pulsed effect,if the present bridge acted like a draw bridge -dam closed its walls and opened them again,continually pulsing the river. Closing water flow down a bit,under ecological inputs and then letting a flush occur seems like common sense to me.Just slightly modifying what the river does in a shorter time span. Where the steam train comes in,is that drains into the River could goto a central water filtration system attached to a old steamer,and by pressure create different patterns of fountain effects.Add lighting .Bingo.You could have it water the river sides and be readied for fires.This could be done almost anywhere,where a town’s water supply was looking a bit polluted and needed filtration.Model steam train hobbyists too re filtration and fountains,a way to pay for hobby,by churning out smaller versions for houses,that have a practical use.Eg. gray water filtration purification and reuse. Recent visits to a science site informed me that concreting inside cylindrical pipes means structures for bridge making can be both cheaper and stronger.[Not connected]I have been thoroughly impressed by the American Pat Tillman bridge.But would like to see traffic bridges do more than allow traffic it’s way. The Americans have probably forgot, that atmospheric moisture collection is possible at their dam sites. More so with a big bridge nearby. Some of the rock could be painted,and be art work as well as converting moisture to run off. Thinking is good on weekends. Rain here. Cabin type fever,bound to set in again.Tyringham N.S.W. [ If you have the chance the Waterfall Way will be unique,especially Ebor and Wooloomoombi. Even if the spelling isn’t. Take a video camera. See the New England National Park in these conditions!]

  6. David Irving (no relation)

    Saturday, at least, was reasonably relaxed – I went to the gun club to adjust the new foresight on my primitive revolver (involves a file … ). It was a lot of fun, with many satisfying explosions and lots of random holes in the target. The gun is now quite a bit less inaccurate than it was.

    Today’s been a headfuck. I have a long-standing plumbing problem, the solution to which involves cutting a hole in in the concrete path next to the house, then digging to find the drain which is currently not working as well as it should.

    Still searching …

  7. Fiona Reynolds

    PC @ 2 – Don’t. You know why.

  8. Fascinated

    Finished the latest Magazine bar the final proof. #Drinks!
    Tonight – watched Junior Masterchef – outrageous but wonderful at the same time. One sincerely hopes they are not being exploited.

    Now to bed, it being chilly and raining solidly in Adelaide. Will read some nonsense, yawn, and sleep. The avatar will curl up and remind me of the importance of his presence. ‘Tis a fact that cats and smallish dogs, when sleeping on one’s feet, are unbelievably heavy.

    Have a wonderful week all.

  9. Brian

    We spent the weekend at Binna Burra staying with a group of 30 or so at the Lamington Natural History Association centre at the campsite, not the lodge. It has a communal area with a fridge and cooker and tables, so you can take your own food. Pleasant company with one couple leading the singing with guitar and ukulele.

    On Saturday we meant to do the Coomera Falls return walk, but unbelievably missed the turnoff and did the circuit instead. That was only 20km, but quite rough underfoot down the other end, with about 25 falls and endless creek crossings. Glad we did, but it took nearly 6 hours.

    Came home to an unpleasant smell. Since the neighbourhood carpet python went missing we think we have some rodents under the house. One has died for sure, but it’s not immediately obvious where.

  10. Helen

    Rehearsed set for Hub’s 50th. Suffragette City & Ziggy Stardust, a couple of Beatles – I feel fine, 8 days/week, Saw her Standing. Nine to Five, Ain’t seen nothing yet (personal 2nd fave), Eagle Rock, Wipeout (Hoodoo Gurus version, not original) (personal favourite), John Martyn’s May you Never for the sentiment.

  11. Paul Burns

    Much waste of time this weekend so far as doing work is concerned.
    Saturday, watched the last of Poldark, Jaws. Sunday watched Wyatt Earp and The Brotherhood of the Wolf. Also, though, reading John E. Selby’s The Revolution in Virginia, and began Penny Russell’s Savage or Civilised? Manners in Colonial Australia. So far, highly recommend the latter for anyone interested in the history of politeness or Aboriginal studies, though I’ve only read the first chapter so far. Did do a fair bit of note-taking from vol. 5 of Naval Documents of the American Revolution on Halifax, Virginia and New York, so I’m not feeling utterly guilty. Expecting the last of the books on the siege of Boston and Halifax, Nova Scotia 1776, so I’m hoping I’ll soon be able to begin seriously writing chapters 6, 7 and 8 after I’ve been through them. The Halifax book, Surgeons, Smallpox and the Poor sounds as if it will be particularly interesting.
    Got some very good feedback on my chapter on Captain John Hunter in pre-Revolutionary America from a friend of mine who is a Hunter expert. (There aren’t many.) I was very nervous about that, and am delighted she really liked it. Among other things, it means my methodological approach for the book is on the right track. So I can go forward with some confidence but the remaining chapters on Boston are going to be quite hard. Heaps of material, so I have to make some judicious choices about what I leave out as I don’t want more than 5-6000 words per chapter. As it is, the book will be big enough to give publishers the heeby-jeebys, and I’m keeping a stringent control on its word limit. Not that I mind it. The artistic and historical discipline needed is quite fun.

  12. FDB

    You mean Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet by BTO?

    Awesome. Who’s singing lead? There’s a fair bit of territory to cover.

  13. Helen

    A Bloke called Phil, FDB. My friend Trish, who used to sing with Git, gets together with him from time to time to play covers at parties. They share the lead vocals – looking at the set list you can probably guess which (I forgot Big Yellow Taxi, too.)

    Dagsville, but fun!

  14. FDB

    Aw shit, don’t get me started on daggy covers. A band I was in a couple of years back had an offshoot called Moderate Rock (taken from the sheet music playing instructions for Hold The Line), and did a couple of shows called Guilty Pleasures.

    The hightlights were Total Eclipse OTH (which briefly segued into Child in Time by Deep Purple during the middle wigout) and Total Control.

    I might organise something again some time soon, but with way more musos involved (maybe 4 or 5 bands, shorts sets sharing backline). Interested?

  15. FDB

    The caveat being that it must not make money*, and nobody may perform original material, because that would be like “playing in a covers band to help get my originals out there”, and I was sworn never to do that at the age of fifteen.

    *Which is to say that any takings above costs are immediately put on the rider, naturally.

  16. Helen

    Sorry FDB, no time! Which is a pity, as it sounds lots of fun. Trying to learn not to spread myself too thin and end up not doing any one thing very well!

  17. Fine

    I reckon you should organise it FDB, as it sounds like a great night out.

  18. Liam

    with way more musos involved (maybe 4 or 5 bands, shorts sets sharing backline

    And then you all get together at the end when the P-Funk Mothership drops onto the stage

  19. dylan agh

    well we went Trick or Treating down the street, maybe 8 houses, thats enough for a four year old and a 20 mth old. they decided not to wear their prepared costumes at the last minute, witch and ghost, and dressed up as Russian fairies with the big wooly hats, just right for Melbourne. mostly good receptions, only one curmudgenly nationalist response, who wern’t “Canadians either”, thank you Katz :).

    We got two parties of TTers at our door, they admired our Jack O Lantern, which has gone to Child Care with the Hbomb for show and tell.

    That does sound like a fun set Helen. Apparently my little brothers are going to do a set at my dad’s 70th in two weeks, there should be some Davy Jones then too, prob ‘the man who fell to earth’.

    and what Fine said FDB

    and this Bedridden track is for all who thought that they did not get enough done this w/e.

  20. FDB

    “And then you all get together at the end when the P-Funk Mothership drops onto the stage”

    Precisely. Did I already rant drunkenly at you about this in Sydney, or are you just like, totally feeling it?

    Helen – doing it ‘well’ would be a travesty. But still, I get what you mean. Sometimes ‘just bad enough’ is a hard mark to hit.

  21. Liam

    Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet by BTO?

    Fuck yeah.
    While you’re up on stage, Helen, grab me a litre of Tina Turner’s Simply The Best, a loaf of Ego Is Not A Dirty Word and a soft pack of the Waitresses’ I Know What Boys Like.

    are you just like, totally feeling it?

    I’m all over it FDB. And I think I’ve expressed my previous desire to see a KLF/New Order/EMF/Big Audio Dynamite cover band “Big New Tax”.
    And… if nothing requires another link to this cover, I’m dropping it in anyway.

  22. FDB

    Oh boy.

    I’ve got enough cans of worms open already Liam – you know that. But thanks for the automatic win I will now receive at the next youtube VJ comp that my friends’ parties reliably devolve to.


  23. Liam

    Sometimes ‘just bad enough’ is a hard mark to hit

    FDB, if you’re hammered enough, everything looks like a nail.

  24. FDB

    I don’t understand your point Liam – that’s a perfectly acceptable, regulation cover version.

  25. j_p_z

    FDB — don’t forget the wild card part of a covers set: tell the crowd you’re going to play “Atom Heart Mother,” and then play any damn thing you feel like, since nobody knows for sure what it sounds like.

    Also, real men remember to include “Hocus Pocus” by Focus.

  26. FDB

    “Also, real men remember to include “Hocus Pocus” by Focus.”

    Only if I’m allowed to play drums AND yodel.