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5 responses to “Quick link: New Matilda appeals for support”

  1. Fine

    It’s very interesting that they’re using Fundbreak as they’re mechanism. I’ve donated via this site before and I know a few people who raised funds for films this way. But, never this much money.

  2. H&R

    Anyone who’s ever commented at LP in the last few years should be donating, becuase chances are one of those comments was a whinge at the mainstream media.

  3. Cuppa

    What’s up with the link to New Matilda? On the front page of LP, where the post displays, the link doesn’t work. However if you go into the LP post itself


    you find the link does work.

  4. tigtog

    @Cuppa, the front page runs off post-excerpts, which auto-strip out any links in the post’s text by default. This is something which can be manually adjusted, but most of my fellow bloggers are not au-fait with tweaking the manual excerpt features.

    I’ll pop off and do the necessary manual tweaks right now.

  5. Cuppa

    It’s working now. Thanks Tigtog.