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21 responses to “Wednesday Whimsy”

  1. Paul Burns

    That now deceased octupus who predicted Spain would win the world cup was, according to this morning’s ABC2 called – Octodamus.

  2. Mercurius

    OK, meerkats, everybody get together and…look startled!

  3. dk.au
  4. tssk
  5. Enemy Combatant
  6. Andrew Reynolds

    You’d think that they would at least put a neutral filter on the camera. Meerkats are notoriously unable to protect the front lens element properly.

  7. dexitroboper

    Dracula by Kate Beaton

    The Aeneid (and Zombyes) by Geoffrey Chaucer

    [Moderator note: your second link is broken – is this the one you mean?

  8. Lefty E
  9. CMMC

    Aperture is far too large, you stupid mongoose.

  10. Diogenes

    A very interesting video on the biggest photo art gallery in the world.


  11. paul walter


  12. The Groke

    Young Leo Shanahan is telling the Greens party to “grow up”! Leo Shanahan ! Oh, keep ’em coming, Sonny. *Wipes eyes* Yes, I know this is the whimsy thread, couldn’t think of a better place for it. Gold!

  13. Mindy

    Nice one The Groke.

    Apart from anything else, what about the people who voted GreenLiberal? Do they have a right to know about who wants to be the next leader of the party?

    With electoral success comes an increased level of scrutiny. When the Greens Liberals talk now people will listen, but the party will also be held to account.

    Fixed that for him. I suspect that the media honeymoon for Mr Abbott may soon be coming to an end and Hockeynomics will be getting increasing coverage. I think there may be a trace of blood in the water and the sharks may soon move in. I wouldn’t be making any plans as Leader of the Opposition just yet Mr Abbott. /end derail of whimsy thread, although this thought does make me happy…

  14. FDB

    dexitroboper – oddly named though you are, thank you ever so much for redirecting me to Chaucer’s blog(ge).

    I’d been checking for ages to no avail, and recently gave up.

    “Siena & The Devyce”… GOLD!!!

  15. mediatracker

    Currently musing “Stop the Goats” after some research on Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” and its ugly characters and messages, Tea Party in U.S, and emerging protests in Australia over a number of issues (Climate Change, RSPT, MDB Plan, NBN etc). The dark undercurrents that have appeared particularly over the RSPT and the MDB Plan built on sloganeering and inherently inciting posters and actions is worrying.

  16. paul walter

    The Groke, 15.
    Is this Leo Shanahan spawn of the notorious pair who have columned for the Murdoch Oz, for such a long time for such little affect?
    Ig so, do we stand witness of something rather close to mepotism?

  17. Helen

    I do fear he may be part of another Dad-offspring pairing a la Devines. (& Maidens?)

  18. Helen

    Back to Whimsy:

    Explaining the internet to a 19th century Street urchin via Tim Sterne on Twitter.

    Hint to USian writers: Londoners didn’t refer to shops as “stores”.

  19. Fine

    Speaking of incredibly cute and heart-warming, as well as amazing.


  20. terangeree

    I must have read a drastically edited and concise version of Moby Dick.

    I can’t seem to recall the chapter where The Whale engages in mortal combat with a US Navy nuclear-powered attack submarine, or the part where he destroys an attack helicopter with a sweep of his tail fluke.

    It is so good that they remembered to put those parts of Melville’s book into the movie, though.

  21. kathleen

    that’s so cute