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36 responses to “Laura Norder’s Victorian visitation, complete with dodgy stats”

  1. paul walter

    I wonder how “legal” in the strict, or at least ethical sense, it is for Feral Horse to have his secret police clocking up info on anti logging protesters, doing the loggng vandals work for them.
    When they hand this information over to them, like Judas dobbing in Christ, at the expense of freedom of speech and the environment, in return for the thirty pieces of silver.
    But would they then have the character of even a Judas, who at least felt ashamed enough of himself, to try to make amends whilst suffering a healthy dose of remorse.

  2. The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

    Laura Norder is a feature of EVERY State Election and used by any Opposition against a Government.

    Bob Carr for example used it in NSW to great effect based on focus group fearings rather than actual evidence.

    The Radio shockjocks thrive on this and this is the area they have the most influence. State politics

  3. H&R

    I hope they don’t ‘clean up’ the rail corridors too much. The graf from Moorabbin through Mentone is often superb. Bentleigh station had some decent pieces as well, but they’ve recently been replaced with Yves Klein Grey.

  4. paul walter

    Gee, Laura Norder. Why, I remember this fallen woman, in earlier times as a heroin. But she had been reduced to brazenly doing the rounds forty years ago during the Vietnam protests, by the McCarthyists.
    Now, exhausted by overuse and lobotomised by her gutless pimps, she totters about on her walking frame, as a witless factotum to neolib politicians desperate to avoid action on real issues for fear of the Murdoch/msm wolf, reduced to preying off their communities rather than defending or nurtuing them.

  5. Laura

    I actually really really hate the tired ‘Laura Norder’ trope. The actual phrase. Partly for obvious personal reasons, Sure, but also because it lends itself very readily to classically misogynistic imagery of the kind on display in a comment not a million miles away from this one.

  6. moz

    But wait! Jail terms for politicians who mislead the public during election campaigns! A new Police task force to deal only with legal compliance by elected officials! Said task force to have no discretion about laying charges when criminal offences are detected! Non-complying property developments must be made compliant or they will be forfeited to the crown – retrospective approval outlawed! Law enforcement vehicles to be subject to anti-hoon laws!
    (trains to run on time! speed limits to be obeyed! weather to be fine on cup day!)

  7. paul walter

    Laura, If its my posts that trouble you, be reassured.
    As I implied above, it is not Laura N that is the problem, she was in her younger days a true McKillopian heroine, as antidote to grim Hobbesianism, “red in tooth and claw”.
    Our objection is to her misappriopriation by pimps representative of those forces, that, in her right mind, she once battled and tried to tame; ignorance, autho ritarianism, secrecy, lawlessness, corruption…
    Please, Laura, dont miss the forest for the trees, in the quest for politically correct speech, it is surely the least of ourt problems when we faced with the dismantling of civil society, itself.
    But it is nice to see you posting again, so long since the last one.

  8. paul walter

    BTW, Could one ask what your thoughts on the (derailed)thread topic; the threat to Victorian civil society itself, were (if any)?
    The other, peripheral, stuff could be covered at another thread?

  9. paul walter

    Look Robert, I would not have responded to that post if I’d found the slightest sign of anything “deeper” let alone “relevant” in the comment.
    It was, to me, a derail; a chance for someone to occupy themself with a personal hobby horse at the expense of the serious issue you raised.
    The poster had not a jot to say on the tread topic itself.

  10. joe2

    I’m more worried about developers who are allowed to appropriate public space for some of most goddamned awful looking buildings on the earths surface. They are trying to build one over the road from me right now.

    And Mr Merkel wasn’t it you who came up with the “‘Laura Norder’ trope” in the very first place, even if it was Paul Walter who put his foot in it first?

  11. Fine

    I’m with joe2 when it comes to public space.

    Law and order has tended not to be a high priority issue in Victorian State elections. The Hun beats it up a lot, but I’m not whether people are that concerned.

  12. Tony Williams

    Quick Delurk Laura Norder was first used by Mungo back in the 1970’s (think 1973 but read it in a book of National review columns so not sure of the date )

  13. Brett

    I’d always thought that Laura Norder was Strine, but it seems not. The earliest use in the Google News Archives comes from Canada, 1954, talking about the English use and abuse of their own language: http://bit.ly/a7cM2L

  14. Sam

    Well, I love Laura Norder campaigns.

    Though the image of Toorak Ted Bailleau as a hang ’em ‘n’ flog ’em type is difficult to imagine. I’ll bet his heart is not in it.

  15. Sam

    Putting more people in the Big House means building more Big House. They aint cheap.

  16. billie

    In my experience the city and public transport feel a lot safer after dark now than they did 15 years ago because there are a lot more people around.

    However knife crimes and glassings sound more frightening but then I wasn’t allowed to Stonehenge in the 1970s because it was violent (too young to know if it was stabbings however I learnt to throw knives with the younger sibling of one of the main protaganists of that era)

  17. billie

    Who is going to run The Big House. Is the state government going to abdicate its responsibility for conditions in The Big House by outsourcing the staffing – like Immigration Department has with Detention Centres

  18. moz

    Cost effectiveness… I am still waiting for a politician to stand up and defend early childhood education as a crime reduction measure, let alone adult literacy programmes. Which, for those who care, have the best bang-for-buck effects of any programmes known.

  19. paul walter

    Frank Hardy had “Laura Norder” as a central motif in his “Outcasts of Foolgarah”, c. early seventies.

    Re Robert’s response to
    Fine, the underlying Zietgiest involved in this “forgetting” incorporates guilt and self loathing, fear of unemployment and the Green “other”.
    In so far that it is apart of ideological infrastructure, cultural reinforcement etc, Laura’s point assumes validity.

  20. moz

    Robert, yes, for which I am very grateful. I would just love to see someone pile into a law’n’order auction with an ECE bid. “Labour will spend an extra $100M over 5 years on ECE in low socio-economic areas as a crime reduction strategy”. Or even better “Proposed cuts to ECE rejuected because of flow-on effects on crime rate”.

  21. Fine

    Yes, I know the Libs are making a run with this. How much much it bites, I’m not so sure. I’d take bets now that Labor gets back with a reduced majority. The Greens win a couple and the Libs get about four back.

    Baillieu seems like a genuinely nice small ‘l’ Liberal. The caring face of noblesse oblige. It seems that he and Brumby hung out in the same club together at Melbourne Grammar. Such is State politics that it seems like a truly small, old-school tie club. I believe Brumby and his wife sent their kids to State schools which I give hem credit for.

  22. joe2

    The Brumby mob have come up trumps with these bikie laws going down in S.A. Big Ted had been goading on this, with claims Vic was becoming The Gang Preferred State. Stuffed that Laura Norder bash, eh?


  23. Howard Cunningham

    Finn is … well. Came as close to a filibuster as there ever has during the abortion debate in the Victorian LC in the recently dissolved parliament.

    But both are in the LC, and are unlikely to see their way out of the red morgue.

    However, the point about the results of “Red Ted” losing should make you all get out and vote for your local Liberal candidate on November 27 – I know I will be.

  24. Sam

    And one of the downsides with this election is that if Labor holds on, we’ll likely get a member of the hard right in Baillieu’s place

    It will be Terry Mulder.

  25. paul walter

    From the defeat of the Deakinites, you actually get hard right any way; the name is actually “Brumby”.

  26. joe2

    And one of the downsides with this election is that if Labor holds on, we’ll likely get a member of the hard right in Baillieu’s place, who would then be a pretty good shot to win in 2014

    And a downside for those of us who like to see a change of government, once in a while, to grease the democratic wheel, Big Ted might be slipped out the door once the creepy people get a bit of power.

  27. Kevin Rennie

    Helps to explain why we had another stumble by Tony Abbott this week, this time into the election of judges.

    Victorians are on the cusp of making a terrible mistake. A minority conservative govt. supported by the Greens will certainly be challenging. Especially for Greens voters. Wonder what deals they will make with the Nationals.

    PS Does anyone know if it is correct that the Vic Greens voted more than 2/3 of the time with the Lib/Nats in the Legislative Council?

  28. joe2

    PS Does anyone know if it is correct that the Vic Greens voted more than 2/3 of the time with the Lib/Nats in the Legislative Council?

    Kevin, I’m not sure but I heard that it is now the preferred line of attack, against the Greens, by Labor worked out by means of focus group. I cannot understand why because you would imagine most sensible people would think it wise to oppose a great deal of the crap Brumby serves up.

  29. joe2

    And Kevin it does not look thatclose according to Antony, at least.