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36 responses to “Larvatus Prodeo Lifeline Queensland floods fundraising appeal”

  1. Patricia WA

    Hi, Mark, have made two completed attempts at payment, both were unsuccessful and I have been redirected yet again. No tragedy if I have donated twice already, but thought before having another go I’d find out what happened to my completed details, with no suggestion of error, and let you know there seems to be a problem.

  2. Patricia WA

    Thanks, Mark, just been contacted and advised, with apologies, that a ‘line error’ occurred for ‘a’ payment. I can make payment with no further details. Never happened to me before, but all’s well now.

  3. J

    Is this the best way to spend your money? Wouldn’t it be better used saving starving African children?

  4. J

    On that topic, see Peter Singer’s “The Life You Can Save”

  5. Dana

    Hi, I too believe Charity begins at home. I would specifically like to assist those in Grantham, Murphy’s Creek, Lockyer Valley.

  6. adrian

    ‘Charity begins at home’

    What a vile expression.
    Why does it begin at home?
    And if that’s where it begins, where does it end?

  7. Shingle

    I like to think that there are two interpretations of ‘charity begins at home’. One is a bit xenophobic – a kind of look after your own kind attitude & let the rest of the world to look after itself. The other is exemplified by a character in the Charles Dickens story ‘Bleak House’, Mrs Jellaby, who was always devoting her life to good works and charity (her African project) to the neglect of her own poor children. It is a kind of warning – do not seek to glorify yourself with charitable ‘achievements’ that seem exciting if you neglect to fulfill your own most basic (and perhaps more mundane) responsibilities. Agree when it comes to donations, those who can afford don’t have to choose either or.

  8. Zorronsky

    I’ve had my say on the Flood Levy post, a coffee or two a week for a year’s not too much for this pensioner.

  9. Fiona Reynolds

    As I understand the proposal, pensioners won’t be affected, Zorronsky. Even for people earning up to $100,000, it’s slightly less than two coffees per week.

    Yes, I know, really really tough.

  10. Mark Bahnisch

    @9 – yep, I didn’t say “charity begins at home”… and Mrs Jellaby is a classic example of the way objectifying those far from us as “needing help” is *not a good thing*…

    Having said that, I wonder whether some people reading this blog consider Queensland to be part of Australia…

    Levies be damned. $450 million donated to the various Victorian bushfire appeals. About a quarter of that donated to Queensland… and objectively, a hell of a lot more Queenslanders/Australians were deeply affected by the recent flood events.

    So: you know what to do.

  11. Kim

    Yep – I’d add my voice to those encouraging people to get off their bums and donate to Lifeline Queensland.

    Otherwise, we might have to think about a *levy* on commenting here 😉

    Get in first!

  12. still@downfall

    Thanks Mark for this post & the worthy choise of Lifeline Qld. Lifeline gives an essential service in offering emotional support. Mental health, will be a major problem over a sizable area of Qld that has been affected by the floods.

  13. Kim

    @14 – and thanks for the comment, [email protected]

    I wonder how many people realise how traumatic the thing was – even for those not directly impacted.

  14. Chris

    Mark said:

    Levies be damned. $450 million donated to the various Victorian bushfire appeals. About a quarter of that donated to Queensland… and objectively, a hell of a lot more Queenslanders/Australians were deeply affected by the recent flood events.

    Perhaps the difference in public donations is reflective of the number of injuries and deaths that occurred rather than the number of people affected or value of the damage that has occurred.

    Either way have to wonder if the introduction of a levy this time will change how people donate during disasters in the future. Will people wait to see how much extra they will be paying via government levies before deciding how much to voluntary donate?

  15. Kim

    @Chris, maybe that’s a factor.

    But, there’s an enormous amount of psychological trauma that is an effect of the floods. For realsies. Those of us in employment, with good networks, etc, are disturbed by living through it. Those who are already close to the edge are quite prone to being pushed over it by this sort of thing. The number of people affected is bound to be much more than in the Victorian bushfires – in that the impact was on a major metropolitan area – the third largest city in Australia. The good thing about this appeal is that it’s about helping those people struggling anyway. The human consequences of this event are much bigger than repairs to public and private infrastructure.

    So I’d very much encourage people to contribute to this appeal – it’s going to things which will not be captured by the flood levy, and which we should all support wholeheartedly.

  16. Chris

    Kim – sure, just saying I don’t think the level of donations is lower in QLD because the rest of Australia doesn’t like QLD’ers. And although the private level of donations may be lower than the Victoria bushfires people will be providing a lot more money to QLD flood affected areas through direct government funding.

  17. tigtog

    This partnership with Lifeline is an extremely good choice of an area of need that is not enough publicised, and I wish I had some dosh left in the budget to send their way. However, we already donated what we could spare for this month to the Premier’s Fund and to the RSPCA Flood Appeal.

    I think you might see some greater amount of donations coming in next month. January is often a month where people don’t have much left over to spare from the big spending in December.

  18. sublime cowgirl

    Seconded tigtog! Great choice Mark!

  19. Mark Bahnisch

    Sorry – I was being a bit grumpy last night!

  20. Ambigulous

    Good work, Mark.
    We donated last week at the supermarket.

  21. Kim

    @22 – Onya, Ambi, and thanks also to the tigtog family! 🙂

  22. Kim

    It’s going gangbusters today – up to $1300! Yay!

  23. Roger Jones

    I would have but responded to the same group (Lifeline) a couple of weeks ago at the urging of GetUp. Supported it for the same reasons as Mark.

  24. joe2

    “About a quarter of that donated to Queensland… and objectively, a hell of a lot more Queenslanders/Australians were deeply affected by the recent flood events.”

    Just remember the deathtoll for the Vic bushfires was 173 and 414 injured. That, surely, has something to do with the donation figure difference for both events.

  25. Kim

    @joe2 – perhaps so, but then that’s somewhat illogical. The dead have no more claim on the living’s resources. It’s the living, many traumatised, who need them.

  26. myriad74

    Mark I too applaud your choice of organisation and wish you every success. I’ll also gladly be paying the levy.

    I hope you will understand my reasons for donating again to the Pakistan flood appeal in honour of Queenslanders. We are a very wealthy country who will help our own; the going is much harder for the 20 million people affected in Pakistan, 14 million who needed humanitarian assistance.

    I humbly judged their need to be greater, as they were all but forgotten, and I’d argue deliberately hidden by the MSM. When the Qld flood size became apparent, it again made me think of Pakistan, so I donated there.

  27. joe2

    Most would be driven by emotion rather than logic, when donating, I would have thought, [email protected]

  28. sublime cowgirl

    If Mark permits, can i spruik the following fundraiser tomorrow nite for those in Brisbania?

    Saturday, January 29 · 5:30pm – 8:30pm
    Mary Mac Community Centre 616 Ipswich Road Annerley
    The Eritrean Australian Women & Family Support Network would like to invite you to join us in raising funds for the victims of the recent floods.

    Live African Music
    Mu’ooz will provide a 2 course meal
    Guest speaker on Eritrean refugees before and after arrival

    $25 Adults, $15 for students, children 10 and under free.

    Called Mu’ooz, which means “tasty and healthy” in Tigrinya (the language of Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia) the profits from the catering business will be directed back to our community via the Eritrean Women and Family Support Network.

    As well as providing an opportunity for paid employment for refugee women and their families, the restaurant improves cross-cultural understanding and assist with breaking down barriers in the local community.

    We are a group of refugee women from war-torn Eritrea and surrounding Horn of Africa countries who have established an A-La-Carte African restaurant in Brisbane following Federal Government funding approval for our unique community-based project.

    RSVP via Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=125679367501100

  29. harleymc

    So will these funds be assisting people to move away from the danger areas, will the councelling advise leaving?
    If this is all simply to make it easier to rebuild and stay put then it will lead to further deaths and material losses.

  30. Terry

    I’ve chipped in Dr. B. I’m OK with paying twice.

  31. Andrew E

    (For whatever reason, donations to the Premier’s Flood Appeal stand at $168 million compared to around $450 million donated in the aftermath of the Victorian bushfires.)

    The title of the latter fund was something like the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund – the implication was that your money would go to the victims. The title of the former is the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, with the implication that the money goes to the Premier and that she can dole it out while big-noting herself (this was before she became St Anna of Grantham). Foolish bit of naming, I reckon.

  32. Bilko

    or you could donate to the liberal anti levy campaign if you did not have a milligram of compassion in your body and only put ones own welfare above everyone else. As the sheriff said in prince of thieves “cancel Christmas” we may as well cancel Australia day and its sentiments which are the opposite of what abbott and his ilk express.

  33. Terry

    Mark, I see that the appeal has got to $2,005. Very well done.