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17 responses to “What happened to our annual Eurovision post?”

  1. Fine

    Loved Serbia. Great piece of ’60s pop. And Moldova. Who can resist people with coneheads and a unicyclist?

  2. Rayedish

    I started watching Friday’s semi and then decided to save myself for tonight. I notice Norway, whose song I enjoyed, didn’t make it through.
    My top five from tonight (in no particular order) are Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Italy and Azerbaijan.

  3. Lefty E

    Yeah, I’d go Serbia and Moldova as the least shit. As often, the French make the mistake of throwing pearls before Eurotrash. Nil pwah!

  4. Helen

    I’m loving the graphic design, particularly Ireland (terrible costume fail there, though, boys) and Serbia.

    And the explosions.

    I have a soft spot for Eldrine from Georgia. She’s a dead-set Hoyden.

  5. Robert Bollard

    One of my favourite memories is from when I was a first year student at Melbourne Uni in 1980. I was sitting at the bus stop in Lygon Street waiting for the Bulleen bus. As I sat, a man wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase (though he did have long hair and a beard) rode past me on a monocycle.
    I treasure this memory because it lacks an explanation. But if someone could explain his appearance with references to Eurovision and Moldova then I would be content.

  6. dylwah

    Congrats Azerbaijan. Will the Armenians boycott next year, or will they not be let in. (right now Armenians are not allowed to travel in Azerbaijan). Could we see a Eurovision Peace?

  7. Helen

    The woman from Azerbaijan couldn’t even sing. Serbia was robbed! Glad to see Italy came in second though!

  8. Fine

    Serbia wuz robbed. I never understand why the winners in. As for that dreadful song about being ‘Popular’ from Sweden. I guess you can never go wrong with a pretty boy. The Irish twins were more like computer animations than people. I did enjoy Bosnia-Herzogovina ‘cos the lead singer was so old.

    Calling Azerbaijan part of Europe is really stretching it. It’s more like Central Asia.

  9. Roger Jones

    Watched it with my two younger sons. We loved Georgia and Moldova (Ska-polka is big in Eastern Europe, ranging from pop to full on metal). Loved the design of many of the acts. Ukraine with Angel was visually brilliant. Thought the French guy had a great song but was inexperienced. Thought Lena was too Gothic for Eurovision, but the song was most excellent. Liked the strong vocalists from Austria and Slovenia. The Italians were a surprise, and very good. And the Belgians were musically the best of those who failed to get through – they didn’t start well, though. Can’t understand how the two Irish toilet brushes made it through to adult-hood. Their parents are obviously in therapy.

    Epic fails – Spain, Portugal and anyone who warbled on about saving the world.

  10. Sam

    Quick trivia question: which song came second in the 1959 Eurovision Song Contest?

    No googling allowed.

    Hint: those who know, will know without knowing anything about Eurovision.

  11. rossco

    What is Eurovision? Please explain.

  12. akn

    Ah, the kids and I enjoyed the annual Eurovision fest. A cornucopia of Euro-pop minus any comprehension of the blues roots of rock’n’roll. Thought that the prize for ethno-fascism this year ought to have gone to Belaruss for their head kicking chorus ‘I love Belaaaa-russ’. Try to Joan Jet’s ‘I love rock’n’roll’. The exact rhythm required for kicking someone on the ground.

  13. Lefty E

    Roger – Spain was indeed a crap entry, but Portugal’s entry was simply an inside joke among Portuguese about their overthrow of Salazar in 74.

    I must say, Ive really enjoyed the move away from singing in appalling eurotrash pop English. Ironically, the UK and Ireland can expect to do better now – there’s was definitely a sense that the Europeans were always vaguely embarrassed by having entrants there who actually spoke it properly, and as a result they never scored any points.

    I didnt care who won – s long as it wasnt swedn or Russia – the worst examples of crummy nonsensical youth-hostel English pop creole

    Serbia was totally robbed – the best song by a mile – aside, perhaps, from the unapologetically highbrow French entry.

  14. Mindy

    Lefty E – was there anything in the fact that the French entry sang in Corsican and dressed as Napoleon?

  15. Roger Jones

    Lefty E,

    and Portugal was funny for the first 90 seconds but after that they were only entertaining themselves.

  16. Lefty E

    “…they were only entertaining themselves.”

    Yeah, but I suspect they knew that, and didn’t care. Unlike the French and Spanish, the Portuguese dont imagine songs in their own language will set the world ablaze.

  17. Guido

    Italy won’t enter next year I reckon. It came last in the ratings with only 6.5% of viewers watching it.