Planned Outage Tonight

Hello everyone, it’s your friendly Ozblogistan Tyrant here.

I plan to migrate our servers to a different data centre tonight. There will be some disruption during the move, and it may take time for your DNS records to be updated.

We’re moving from the Fremont data centre, which has turned out to be about as reliable as a Ford Pinto, to the Dallas data centre (I look forward to your big-hats-and-oil jokes).

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6 responses to “Planned Outage Tonight”

  1. adeleadlslv

    Good luck with the move to Dallas. I promise no JFK or J.R. jokes.

  2. FDB

    Is it even possible to read the title of this post and not see ‘outrage’ instead of ‘outage’, just for a mini-moment?

    Not for me sir.

  3. zorronsky

    Me too FDB, I thought I’d stumbled on a bolta blog.

  4. tigtog

    I think Jacques has got a bit more fine-tuning to do – the shift to the new server has worked, but things aren’t yet humming along quite as they were.

  5. Emma in Sydney

    Jacques, not sure if that is why LP is totally busted on my mobile, but it still is. Thought you might like to know.