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17 responses to “Saudi women can now vote (still can’t drive)”

  1. Ambigulous

    Well, that’s a welcome start.

  2. grace pettigrew

    I understand from early radio this morning that it is the Saudi King himself who is responsible for this small step forward in women’s right to vote (its only for municipal elections) He is apparently up against the conservative islamic clerics. The right to drive has got the poor old dears worried, more than a limited right to vote apparently. Bannning women from driving means that husbands have to leave the workplace to transport their kids to and from school. It is so impractical. But saudi women are gathering on this issue, and it may not be long before they drive right through the clerics.

  3. savvy

    Must be a horrible country to live if you are a woman.

  4. Mercurius

    “…consultations with several scholars”.

    Damn those academic elites and their social engineering! 😉

  5. Chris Borthwick

    Compared to confronting the utter horror of the entire Saudi system, this is like combatting global warming by blowing out a match.

  6. Fine

    Last year I met and travelled for a while with a couple of blokes from Saudi. They were fascinating and obviously very rich. One of the insights was that prosperous Saudis partly circumvented these l was by travelling to Beirut to have a good time. This applied to both men and women. A trip away would be organised via email. Then is was a case of “what happens in Beirut, stays in Beirut”.

    These guys had a very nice life and benefited from the lack of democracy, but they also thought the laws and the autocracy were ridiculous.

  7. grace pettigrew

    Thanks for clarification [email protected]

  8. Lefty E

    The significance of the right to vote in an unelected monarchical regime could be overstated.

  9. FDB

    Excellent news.

    And didn’t I hear on the teev that a woman actually got elected in the UAE the other day?

  10. Lefty E

    Look closer to home folks – there’s never yet been a female parliamentarian in Solomon Islands. And only one or two in PNG.

  11. FDB

    I get that totally LE, but in geopolitical terms, Saudi and the UAE rank somewhat higher than our nearest northern neighbours.

  12. Lefty E

    For sure FDB. Guess Im just side-notin’ its more about culture than religion. PNG and SI are very strongly Christianised.

  13. Occam's Blunt Razor

    When do they get the right to look hot and carry guns?

  14. Guy

    At this blistering rate of progress Saudi women should be allowed to use EFTPOS by 2214. 😉

  15. jane

    One step forward, even a baby step. Better than a step back.

  16. Crass

    I suppose they still have to rely on having a man willing to drive them to the polling booth?