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3 responses to “Ed Miliband’s centre-left: not drowning, waving”

  1. Katz

    Miliband could have promised Beveridge Mark II.

    Trouble is, the marginal British voter would not have believed him. Fact is, the British political economy is in deep trouble. The ability of any government to divert by taxation or by deficit financing any major funding is strictly limited.

    Miliband represents the accommodation of gradualist social democrats to that reality. Get used to it. These conditions won’t change for a long time.

  2. mikey

    No vision. Just acknowledging the problem and dabbing at the edges. The revolutionary yet ultimately impotent Arab Spring may yet be repeated in the UK & USA unless the Left can offer a credible, inspired alternative.

  3. sg

    The thing about this that I find really disingenuous and disappointing is that Labour presided over a long period of the last 50 years, and in these speeches they pretend they had nothing whatsoever to do with it.