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18 responses to “Civil Unions vote in Queensland tomorrow night”

  1. tssk

    The best thing about the LNP is that unlike the ALP they don’t vote as a block they vote according to…what…hang on…what the hell?

    I’ll be taking note as a voter on who votes yes/no or abstains on this. Because I’m sick and tired of my best friends being told they have to deal with being second class citizens.

  2. Occam's Blunt Razor

    @1 – perhaps you might like to describe what happens to an ALP member who crosses the floor versus what happens to a LNP/Coalition member.

  3. Fran Barlow

    OBR asked:

    perhaps you might like to describe what happens to an ALP member who crosses the floor versus what happens to a LNP/Coalition member.

    Perhaps Peter Slipper is qualified to answer?

    Here’s how an unofficial organ of the LNP responds:


  4. tssk

    Occam, unless it’s a conscience vote they’re thrown out of the party. And it’s one of the resons my Grandfather for an LNP man to the end. As they voted as they saw fit regardless of the party room. It was one of their major selling points and point of differentation from the ALP.

  5. Ginja

    OBR: I have to second Fran’s comment for once. One of the biggest myths perpetuated by the Coalition is that its members are free to vote as they wish. If that were the case, we would see a situation similar to what occurs in the US, where members of Congress frequently vote against their party. The reality is that it is very rare for an MP from any party – including the Greens – to vote against a decision of their caucus. A Coaliton MP who crossed the floor more than once or twice would quickly find themselves disendorsed. As in most things, the ALP is simply more honest about this state of affairs than the Coalition.

  6. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    Today is 21 years to the day since same-sex sexuality was decriminalised in Queensland. I remember two Liberals crossed the floor to vote for the legislation: Joan Sheldon and Denver Beanland.

    It sounds like the Liberals have become more authoritarian when absorbed in the LNP.

  7. Mark Bahnisch

    perhaps you might like to describe what happens to an ALP member who crosses the floor versus what happens to a LNP/Coalition member.

    ALP MPs have a conscience vote on this Bill.

  8. Martin B

    I didn’t really want to ask on FB, but does anyone know whether Mickel says he will vote against because that’s what he thinks, or because he think Denison’s rule applies?

    I ask mainly because it would seem to bear on the type of argumentation that should be tried with him.

  9. Wantok

    I’ve just heard on the news that the LNP were absent from the House today (ie that’s all of them) and three pieces of Qld government legislation were passed without debate. If the same happens tomorrow the Civil Union legislation will go straight through.
    The Opposition in Queensland are an absolute shower, they couldn’t find an able leader among their numbers and had to turn to a leader who has to issue instructions from outside the parliament . Even that doesn’t work as the lazy bludgers are all out to lunch.

  10. Ginja

    By the way, I see nothing wrong in principle to political parties adopting this attitude. What should party machines and party members support an individual who has voted against the agreed position of their party? An MP always has the option – uninviting though it is – of running as an independent.

    One of the reason so much money is splashed around in US politics is that individual members of Congress can essentially be bought.

    But if Coalition MPs are so wonderfully free, lets see them exercise the courage of their convictions and vote against their party more often.

  11. Harrington

    @10, Kim I suspect this indecision is due to his Catholic faith. As a Catholic I wish fellow Catholics would privilege certain values like compassion, love and tolerance over others. Given that the Church acknowledges that homosexual desires are not in themselves sinful, it seems a bit rich to disaprove of individuals acting on these feelings, particularly in the context of loving relationships.

  12. Darryl Rosin

    For what little it’s worth I’ve been promised a call back from the Speaker’s office on “the Denison question”.


  13. Darin

    @ Harrington Yep, as a catholic it’s a bit of a bind. I think we need a new pope, and so much the better if she is black.

  14. Darryl Rosin

    Just heard back from the Speaker’s office. Mickel will “follow convention” and vote for the status quo, should it come to that at the final vote.


  15. Sam

    That is even close is a miracle. This is the land of Joh Bjelke Petersen, after all.

    I predict that a stray Liberal or two just might vote in favour, but they have decided that there’s no need to advertise it, lest it invites a visit from the National Party bovver boys.

  16. Fran Barlow

    I’ve just writen to Kerry Shine … Oh well … I guess we’ll see …