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9 responses to “Privacy and you”

  1. Mercurius

    OK, so last night, a couple of hours after I landed in South Korea, my mobile is still on aircraft mode and wi-fi is still switched off from the plane ride. I accidentally go into the “Maps” app on my iPhone (slip of the thumb), and the friggin’ thing locates me! No joke, it switches from my last location in Brisvegas to the new one, zeroing in on the map within a city block of my location.

    So….when it’s in “aircraft mode”, and no wi-fi…it’s still triangulating my location from the nearest cell stations.

    Do the airlines know about this??

    Oh, and since we’re doing a links round-up, according to the excerable Brendan O’Neill over at the ABC Drum (no link for you, attention boy!)…privacy is for paedos because FEMINAZIS!

  2. Occam's Blunt Razor

    @1 I may be wrong, but I think the issue with devices on planes is transmitting which may effect avionics, not so much just being on.

  3. Chris

    OBR @ 2 – given that the phone was in aircraft mode it should not have been receiving or transmitting and so should not have been able to locate him. Sounds like a bug especially since location services are meant to be disabled in aircraft mode as well. But the location was not necessarily found via the cell towers – could have been that the wifi or GPS was really on when it was meant to be off.

    Given the number of people who already accidentally leave mobiles and other electronic devices on during take off and landing its probably just the airline industry being ultra conservative. And some airlines already have mobile phone support on their planes – they just have the equivalent of a phone tower in the plane. I have heard there is an issue for the mobile phone companies when people in planes use their phones because they change cell towers so quickly. And probably the big reason that the airlines ban them is for social ones. They want to minimise aggro from people getting annoyed by someone next to them talking on their phone for the whole flight.

    Back onto privacy – I was really quite surprised about how widespread the Carrier IQ logging is, especially on the android platform, and how long it took to detect given there are a lot of developers playing around with android phones. I expected that the phone companies would be tracking the location (its almost hard for them not to), but logging keystrokes without disclosing they do so is definitely a privacy invasion (Apple did do some logging on their phones for debugging but was opt-in)

    Just following some of those links – I don’t have a big issue with the police planting gps locators on cars without a warrant. I think they’re right in saying that its very similar just to tailing a car in public and the risk of widespread abuse is fairly low as they simply don’t have the resources to do it to everyone. I do have a problem with them being able to access telephone records which may give location data without a warrant though, because it gives them the ability to historically mine data and do it to everyone very cheaply/easily.

  4. Marks

    “Privacy is for paedo’s” has a certain ring to it. However, it is missing something. Hmm.


    I know!

    Privacy is for paedo’s and press barons.

    They go together nicely.

  5. Chav

    If ‘privacy is for paedos’, does this mean the US State Deptartment are a cabal of militant nonces for persuing Assange?

  6. Ginja

    Thank goodness the Murdoch empire is keeping watch over all of us. If it wasn’t for uncle Rupert policing us ideologically who knows what state the world would be in?

  7. Megan

    I loved it when he also said that he never found anyone he investigated that was up to any good. What a creep!

  8. Resurgent rick

    I’m currently installing camera’s and microphones in the little pschyopaths bedroom. Can’t wait to see his reaction when I put it on youtube! What a [redacted]!

  9. David Irving (no relation)

    Another truly awful thing is, Megan, he didn’t seem to be even slighty remorseful about the paediatricians whose house was trashed.