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28 responses to “Weekly Whimsy”

  1. David Irving (no relation)

    Who is Benedict Cumberbatch? The face looks almost familiar, but I’m not sure why.

  2. Chris Harper

    Damn, you beat me to it.

    Wot David Irving @ 1 said.

  3. Crass

    He plays Sherlock Holmes. I’m a bit underwhelmed by him, but he has been very popular in the role.

  4. David Irving (no relation)

    Ah. He looks too much like a Rupert to be a very convincing Holmes.

  5. Paul Norton
  6. Meeee

    Is Hajnal Black whimsical or stoush? I’ll play it safe and go for Paul Tully’s youtube plea for her to hand herself in.

  7. Nick Caldwell

    David Irving (no relation), it’s really all in the performance. He’s no Jeremy Brett, but who is?

  8. Craig Mc

    Bring back Basil Rathbone I say.

  9. Katz

    Re Hajnal Black, is height enhancement surgery a gateway procedure to a life of criminality?

  10. paul walter

    My immediate response, David Irving beat me to it.
    Why do Otters want to look like Patrick Cumberbund, or whatever his name is?
    If they want to look like what’s his name, does this mean they also want look like Keira Knightly?
    Ah, but wait. I have misread it.
    Why does Sherlock Homes want took like an Otter?
    Looking at the photo, I’d say the impersonator would prefer to look like just about anything than who he is. Also, gains control of Otter discourse.
    They now only seek to be like this new Alpha Otter. The merchandising rights alone must be worth several decaying river fish or a quarter of a bucket of yabbies.

  11. Paul Norton

    Perhaps it was a pretext for a visit to Russia on other “business”. 🙂

  12. Ambigulous

    Benedict resembles a young David Williamson, the well-known Australian otter.

  13. Rock

    Paul @ 10 – that’s not necessary:-(

    What is necessary, though, is the CIA denying their role in the greens anti coal thing. Clive Palmer, the comedy gift that keeps giving.

  14. paul walter

    It is hard to differentiate between the otters and Patrick, so we wonder if its not really about young Patrick being ottered by tigtog, unless he is a significant otter rather than the subaltern despised otter described sympathetically by great minds like the philosopher Levinas.

  15. Terangeree

    Is there any truth to the rumour that Clive Palmer wanted to be a “star reporter“?

  16. GregM

    For an Australian perspective can we have photos of otters who look like members of the Otto family?

  17. GregM

    Paul [email protected]

    He gets ten demerit points for that? He has every reason to feel aggrieved.

    I wonder what he would have got if it had been a science exam and he had lit up his fart to test the combustibility of methane in the interest of scientific inquiry, in long schoolboy tradition.

  18. robbo

    When I was a little girl I always wanted an Otter. Now I’m an old sheila I still lust after a critter that finds so much joy in life but I now understand that having an otter as a pet just aint goin to happen, given the animal welfare aspect of this longed for ownership.

  19. Ootz

    Absolute must have!

    The Image Fulgurator – Aparat zur minimal-invasiven Manipulation von Fotographien

  20. paul walter

    *17 must mean Miranda Otter!
    I must mention here that my favourite conductor is Otter Klemperer and for a good movie, you can’t go past Otter Preminger.
    Used to be millions of animal books about when I was a kid, and half them were Otter stories. Otters are always feisty, slightly bright, perservering little guys battling against against foxes, bad people and hunting dogs.
    After reading an Otter tale you always want to become a gallant, battling little character like the ones in the book, which no doubt would gratify the”olds”, no end.

  21. Katz

    Otter nonsense.

  22. Ambigulous

    It was said of the cricketer Cunis, that his bowling, like his name, was neither one thing nor the otter.

  23. Ambigulous

    Bob Cunis (New Zealand test cricketer).

  24. paul walter

    I should have mentioned that both Willem van Otterloo and Otter Klemperer are renown for their interpretations of the Italian composer Otterino Respighi, whose work often alludes to a return to classical themes, perhaps along the lines of Sir Lancelotter, King Otter, and the knights of the round Table.
    Klemperer’s chief claim to fame is that he is, of course, the father of Werner Klemperer, whose place in Hollywood’s hallowed Hall of Immortals rest on his depiction of Colonel Klink, of “Hogan’s Heroes”.
    We have much to thank these wily aquatic stoats and fish-gorging marine ferrets, as to our cultural heritage.

  25. alfred venison

    obscenity, sedition, blasphemy:-
    “. . . friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation! . . .”

  26. paul walter

    “Offensive obscenity”, what’s more… phhwwaooarr!
    Asbestos gloves on down behind the woodshed, eye-ball goggling your dog-eared copy of “Man Junior”..

  27. Ambigulous

    Life Imitates Fart Department.

    Borat’s “Kazakhstan Anthem” has been played at a medal ceremony in Dubai, instead of the true national anthem.