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7 responses to “Eidos Institute Conference – ‘Social Media in Times of Crisis’”

  1. faustusnotes

    I’m about to get some work on media and crisis published in PLOS ONE, though we didn’t look at social media specifically. Social media were very active – especially facebook – during the Great East Japan Earthquake. In fact, some of the most authoritative information provided on radiation risk came through facebook, who did special updates for foreigners in Japan. I don’t know how much it’s been researched though.

    What will you be presenting on?

  2. faustusnotes

    Mark, it’ll be out in PLOS ONE in a few weeks time, so I will share then. Basically, we developed a set of scales to identify different kinds of radiation-related anxiety amongst people affected by the Fukushima nuclear plant accident, and also asked them about their media usage. We were then able to identify different media strategies for conveying information about different kinds of fears after such an accident. I think it’s something of a first, but the experimental design weakened the conclusions.

    I’ll be looking forward to your blogs on this!

  3. Roger Jones

    I’m interested but down here. Am also interested in how social media can be used to prevent crisis, but anyhoo.