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9 responses to “First LP blogger in Parliament?”

  1. Tim Watts

    Thank you, Sir. You’re making me blush!

  2. Terry

    Gawd, I hope you get the nomination and not Feeney. Sorry, but …

  3. Paul Norton

    What Terry said.

  4. Robert Merkel

    Good luck Tim.

  5. Jacques de Molay

    Wasn’t that Simon Sheik who used to be with Get Up a political blogger too?

  6. Lefty E

    A welcome step towards world domination.

  7. David

    I actually think we need people like Feeney – he’s one of the better talents going around at the moment, but Feeney is not nominating and I’m impressed with Tim so he’ll probably get my vote.

  8. Tim Watts

    A Gellibrand preselector at LP! Excellent – I’ll have to try to close the deal with you soon David…