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11 responses to “God give me strength: Live-blogging the Q&A Edu-special”

  1. Noely (@YaThinkN)

    I have seen what has happened in our local State School in my regional area in Queensland. They are barely operating without the teachers aides that have been sacked by Campbell Newman’s State Government. I hope like hell the Federal Govt will start to fix this backward slide, though, if Mr Abbott gets in I don’t have much hope, he seems to think that Mr Newman is doing a sterling job…

    The Libs love to go on about ‘choice’ in education, justifying why they give so much money to private schools, that does not work in regional areas, we don’t have a choice!

  2. Robert Merkel

    You’re a braver soul than I, Mercurius.

    As it so happens, I’m currently digging in to today’s announcement on teacher education reforms.

  3. tigtog

    I lasted less than ten minutes. At least with a formal debate structure Tony Jones seemed to be doing a more evenhanded job on moderating the discussion than has been seen lately, but I was outvoted by the rest of the family wanting to throw shoes at Christopher Pyne.

  4. Katz

    Whatever Pyne promises will be rendered null by the Libs’ stunned discovery of Labor’s Budgetary Black Hole.

  5. Mark Bahnisch

    The wonders of daylight saving down South mean that I choose not to watch it from 8.30 on ABC24 and I can decide again at 9.30 on ABC1.

    Thanks, Merc!

    An hour of Christopher Pyne is not for everyone.

  6. paul burns

    I watched Hell On Wheels.
    Much more entertaining. Am listening to the spiels with one ear at the moment.

  7. Liz

    It’s depressing. I can’t watch it.

  8. paul burns

    Just listening to C. Pyne’s voice was enough to make my brain boil. I had to turn the TV off just now. So I lasted about ten minutes without even looking at the screen.

  9. Jacques de Molay

    Have to admit I still haven’t watched an episode of Q&A this year.

    I was reading Robert Manne’s ‘Bad News’ QE.

  10. David Irving (no relation)

    I decided I couldn’t bear to watch (or, even more, listen to) Q’n’A last night – I’d rather stab my eyes repeatedly with red hot knitting needles than listen to Christopher bloody Pyne.

    Thanks for the summary, Mercurius – it seems I didn’t miss anything.