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6 responses to “Narratology and Newspoll in the Dark City; or a Parable for Our Times”

  1. Mark Bahnisch

    The narrative continues through the inclusion of hypothetical questions about what voting intention were Kevin Rudd leader and preferred Labor leader:


  2. Peter Murphy

    Wouldn’t a Narrative be the problem? If I wanted a Narrative, I’d watch WWE wrestling.

  3. Alison

    Oh, how I agree, Kim. It is hard watch those programmes now because all they do is misinform. You would think they could do better in this digital age! Once again, three cheers for LP.

  4. Golliblog

    “We’re back at 52-48 in favour of the Coalition.”

    We’ve been back at 52-48 several times before haven’t we. I wouldn’t get too excited.

    We need more Nate Silver’s and less confected Narratives from self appointed sages.

  5. ewe2

    If the only displacement for a media narrative is another narrative, how do we supply the drama the media requires? Where’s the story arc going?