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14 responses to “Australian misses actual story on Simon Sheikh and ACT Greens leaked email”

  1. Paul Norton

    Well spotted, Kim.

  2. Higham Grant

    There is need for such a campaign, and such campaigns everywhere. Lets get our thinking caps on and start thinking outside the box.

  3. Tom

    Claiming this is an “actual story” is overselling it – if you check out Sheikh’s facebook page you’ll see there’s plenty of messaging referring to “why it is so important that we stop Tony Abbott controlling both houses of Parliament”. You could have saved me and other readers a bit of time, and yourself a lot more, by checking that first 🙂

  4. Alison

    Good on u, Kim!

  5. Mark Bahnisch

    Tom, there’s a clear difference between a campaign message that it’s important to stop Abbott winning the Senate, and an internal message which appears to show that the campaign thinks he will win the election. I think Kim’s point stands.

  6. Peter Murphy

    Tom: it was on the front page of today’s Australian. I haven’t bought it for ages, but sometimes I glance at it from time to time. I wondered what the fuss was about. Thanks to Kim, I now know.

  7. Tom

    Mark, Peter: fair enough, maybe there is a bit of new information here. I guess I assumed that if they’re talking externally about the need to “stop Tony Abbott controlling both houses of Parliament”, then they also think internally that he’ll win the election – hardly an unusual prediction at this stage!
    Didn’t mean to sound snarky, I think I was just expecting something of more substance when I finally got to the end of the post to find the “real story”. Apologies and best wishes 🙂

  8. Russell

    “But aside from the fact that the Greens were not looking for an Australian to perform the role… ”

    So was the email only sent to people outside Australia?

    I guess Troy Bramston isn’t aware of the army of volunteers used in US campaigns.

  9. David Irving (no relation)

    I’m pretty sure I got the email, Russell, or one like it.

  10. Paul Norton
  11. Russell

    DI – I sort of guessed it circulated in Australia since Bramston tells us : ” that the position had been filled by a person living in Canberra”, i.e. there is no story. And it contradicts this: “Nevertheless, the advertisement for a foreign worker makes a mockery …” – they obviously weren’t advertising for a foreign worker.

    Australians volunteer to go and work on U.S. campaigns, why wouldn’t people from overseas come here to do the same?

    Did Bramston even consider the morality of taking money from that organisation to pour out this rubbish?

  12. Joe

    No the real story is the line in the letter saying. Abbott will take away a “women’s right to choose”. What unfounded left wing propaganda. Looks like they are trying the same dishonest scaremongering that Obama used so well in the US. Oh well if you believe in nothing you will say anything to get elected.

    Maybe they’ll try the same old lies they tried against Howard that he would scrap Medicare. Far from it. He brought in the safety net.

  13. Joe

    The next story is about Sheikh not declaring that he was actually a member of the Labor party. Not that everyone didn’t know Getup were a front for Labor all along anyway.

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